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Roger Waters ‘The Wall Live’ European Tour 2013 Press Conference

Posted December 9th, 2012 by PFO Staff

Pink Floyd Video of the Week

I almost forgot the video of the week again! But remembered just in time – so we still haven’t missed one yet – since starting this new site feature in April of 2012. Please send in your suggestions of cool Floyd vids to remind me! :) It can be ANYTHING as long as it has something to do with Floyd in some way or another.

Maybe you’ve made a cover of a song yourself, or have a favorite Floyd vid on YouTube? I don’t mind if you want to promote your own video or band even. Here’s the link to a form to suggest videos as well as an archive of all the past video’s of the week: Pink Floyd Video of the Week.

So for this week’s video, I was surfing YouTube and found Roger Waters’ official channel and the press conference for the European ‘The Wall Live’ tour in 2013. Are you planning on going to any of the 2013 ‘Wall Live’ shows? If so, this press conference has some pretty interesting tid-bits that should get you a bit more fired up and ready for the shows.

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