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Nick Mason

Nicholas Berkeley Mason was born on 27th January, 1944, in Downshire Hill, Birmingham. He attended the Frensham Heights, and later on the Regent Street Polytechnic, where he met Roger Waters and Rick Wright. Percussionist, like Roger Waters, Nick started playing in the group "The Abdabs" (1965). He is the only member of the original and to still be playing in it.   After Roger Waters left the group, Nick said (in autumn of 1985), that he'd like to tour again as Pink Floyd, stating that he and David Gilmour were interested in "revitalizing Pink Floyd... We definitely haven't agreed it's all over".  

One of Nick's hobbies is cars. According to Autoweek, some of the cars that he owns (and races) are: Ferrari 250 GTO, F40 and 246 GTS Dino, Bugatti 35B, Alfa 2300 and Maserati 250F. We can see clearly this hobby in one movie featuring a Pink Floyd-made soundtrack, "La Carrera Panamericana", about a race in Mexico, in which Nick, Dave and Steve O'Rourke raced. He has also been in Le Mans with the former. He is married for the second time and lives in London. He played and produced several albums for several artists, including Gong, Michael Mantler, Gary Windo, Robert Wyatt, The Damned, Steve Hillage and Principal Edward's Magic Theatre.  

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