Pink Floyd Online

Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz

How to set it up

There are several ideas as to when to start the album. All revolve around the famous MGM lion. You may start the album during the first roar, second roar, third roar, or as the lion fades to black, but the things listed below are based on starting the album on the third roar. Use the following item to make sure you have synched the album correctly: The credit for the producer Mervyn LeRoy appears right as the transition from 'Speak to Me' to 'Breathe' takes place. DSotM isn't long enough to play through the entire movie, so several ideas have been put forward: Put DSotM on repeat (will play about 1 1/2 times) Start Animals right after DSotM and then Meddle (tracks 2 - 5) right after Animals ends


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