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About Face Discography

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About Face is the second solo album by the Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, released in March 1984. The album was co-produced by Bob Ezrin and David Gilmour. Two songs were co-written by Gilmour (music) and The Who’s Pete Townshend (lyrics), the rest by Gilmour himself. In May of the same year, fellow Floyd counterpart Roger Waters released his first official solo album The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking.

The album was recorded in France with engineer Andrew Jackson at a time when Pink Floyd’s future was uncertain. The album was mixed by James Guthrie at Mayfair Studios in London.

Some of the musicians working with Gilmour were Jeff Porcaro, Pino Palladino, Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord, Roy Harper, Michael Kamen (who also worked on Waters’ album The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking), Sam Brown and Steve Winwood.

Allegedly, some of the songs on About Face were being composed by Gilmour when Roger Waters began production of the Pink Floyd album The Final Cut. Waters is said to have refused Gilmour’s request for more time to complete his own (Gilmour’s) material, which effectively denied Gilmour any writing credits on The Final Cut. Songs that are said to be of the pre-Final Cut period are “Murder”, “Out of the Blue”, “Near the End”, and the music for “Love on the Air” and “All Lovers are Deranged”.

Gilmour on the In the Studio with Redbeard episode spotlighting his 2006 solo effort On an Island commented on About Face saying, “Looking back on it, it has some great moments on there but the whole flavour of it is too ’80s for my current tastes.”

The album featured the disco-style single “Blue Light” (later remixed by FranƧois Kevorkian and which was often voted as worst Floyd solo song according to the Floyd fanzine The Amazing Pudding) and another single, “Love on the Air”. “All Lovers Are Deranged” and “Murder” were released as singles for North American rock radio and hit numbers 10 and 11 respectively on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Charts.

The album reached #21 in the UK and #32 in the U.S. and was certified Gold by the RIAA.

About Face was re-released by EMI Records in Europe as a digitally remastered CD on August 14, 2006. Legacy Recordings/Columbia Records released the remastered CD in the US and Canada on September 12, 2006.

Track listing
All songs written and composed by David Gilmour except where noted.

Side one
1. “Until We Sleep” – 5:15
2. “Murder” – 4:59
3. “Love on the Air” – 4:19
4. “Blue Light” – 4:35
5. “Out of the Blue” – 3:35

Side two
1. “All Lovers Are Deranged” – 3:14
2. “You Know I’m Right” – 5:06
3. “Cruise” – 4:40
4. “Let’s Get Metaphysical” – 4:09
5. “Near the End” – 5:36

Note: the 2006 remaster has a longer fadeout for “Until We Sleep” and “Near the End” at 5:20 and 5:50 respectively.

Versions of “Blue Light”
“Blue Light” (Single Edit) ā€“ 3:52
“Blue Light” (12″ Mix from the “Blue Light” 12″ Promo Single) ā€“ 6:10
“Blue Light” (Instrumental Version, B-side of “Blue Light” 12″ Promo Single) ā€“ 6:13

Unused tune
Another piece of music written for the album was not used by Gilmour[citation needed].

He asked Roy Harper and, separately, Pete Townshend, to supply lyrics, but felt that those provided were not messages that he could relate to. Harper subsequently used the tune, with his lyrics, as “Hope”, on his 1985 album with Jimmy Page, Whatever Happened to Jugula?. Townshend used it with his as “White City Fighting”, which has a markedly faster tempo, on his 1985 album White City: A Novel.

Main musicians:

David Gilmour ā€“ guitar, lead vocals
Jeff Porcaro ā€“ drums, percussion
Pino Palladino ā€“ bass
Ian Kewley ā€“ Hammond organ, piano

Additional musicians:

Steve Winwood ā€“ Hammond organ (on “Blue Light”), piano (“Love On The Air”)
Anne Dudley ā€“ synthesizer
Bob Ezrin ā€“ keyboards, orchestration arrangement
Louis Jardine ā€“ percussion
Ray Cooper ā€“ percussion
Jon Lord ā€“ synthesizer
The Kick Horns ā€“ brass
Vicki Brown ā€“ background vocals
Sam Brown ā€“ background vocals
Mickey Feat ā€“ background vocals
Roy Harper ā€“ background vocals
Steve Rance ā€“ Fairlight programming
The National Philharmonic Orchestra
Michael Kamen ā€“ orchestration arrangement


Bob Ezrin ā€“ producer
David Gilmour ā€“ producer
Andrew Jackson ā€“ engineer
Kit Woolven ā€“ engineer
James Guthrie ā€“ mix engineer, remastering
Eric Tomlinson ā€“ orchestration recorder
Doug Sax ā€“ mastering engineer
Mike Reese ā€“ mastering engineer
Storm Thorgerson (under the pseudonym “STd”) ā€“ cover design

The supporting tour for About Face, which lasted from March to July 1984, covering Europe and North America saw David perform the following songs:

Until We Sleep
All Lovers Are Deranged
There’s No Way Out Of Here
Love On The Air
Short & Sweet
Run Like Hell
Out Of The Blue
Let’s Get Metaphysical
You Know I’m Right
Blue Light
Near The End
Comfortably Numb
I Can’t Breathe Anymore

Tour Personnel:

David Gilmour – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Gregg Dechart – keyboards
Sue Evans – percussion (July 5-16)
Mickey Feat – bass guitar
Jody Lincott – percussion (March-June)
Mick Ralphs – guitar, vocals
Raff Ravenscroft – saxophone
Chris Slade – drums

Roy Harper and Nick Mason joined him at his shows at the Hammersmith Odeon on April 28th, 29th and 30th 1984.

The inner sleeve of the LP is unusual: wider than it is tall, it does not fit into the outer sleeve if turned 90 degrees. In one corner are printed the words “Fleudian slip”. Most likely referring to what is known as a Freudian Slip.

The above article is courtesy of Wikipedia.

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