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Broken China Discography

Broken China

Broken China is a progressive rock solo album by Pink Floyd keyboard player Richard Wright. It is a four-part concept album which documents his then wife Mildred’s battle with depression, and is very much like a classic Pink Floyd concept album in its structure and overall feel. Two songs, “Reaching for the Rail” and “Breakthrough” feature SinĆ©ad O’Connor on lead vocals, with Wright singing elsewhere. The album was recorded in Wright’s personal studio in France. Broken China was only Wright’s second solo record after 1978’s “Wet Dream” and the last to be released before his death in September 2008.

Wright asked fellow Pink Floyd bandmate David Gilmour to perform on the album, to which Gilmour agreed to play one track. However, the approach for the song was changed later on, and Gilmour’s perfomance was not used on the finished album.

On the DVD David Gilmour in Concert, a guest appearance is made by Wright, who sings “Breakthrough” accompanied by David Gilmour and his band.

The packaging has artwork by Pink Floyd’s regular designer, Storm Thorgerson, in his familiar style.

Track listing
“Breaking Water” (Wright/Anthony Moore) ā€“ 2:28
“Night of a Thousand Furry Toys” (Wright/Moore) ā€“ 4:22
“Hidden Fear” (Wright/Gerry Gordon) ā€“ 3:28
“Runaway” (Moore) ā€“ 4:00
“Unfair Ground” (Wright) ā€“ 2:21
“Satellite” (Wright) ā€“ 4:06
“Woman of Custom” (Moore) ā€“ 3:44
“Interlude” (Wright) ā€“ 1:16
“Black Cloud” (Wright) ā€“ 3:19
“Far from the Harbour Wall” (Wright/Moore) ā€“ 6:19
“Drowning” (Wright) ā€“ 1:38
“Reaching for the Rail” (Wright/Moore) ā€“ 6:30
“Blue Room in Venice” (Wright/Gordon) ā€“ 2:47
“Sweet July” (Wright) ā€“ 4:13
“Along the Shoreline” (Wright/Moore) ā€“ 4:36
“Breakthrough” (Wright/Moore) ā€“ 4:19

Remix Singles
Instrumental Remix Tracks from the “Broken China” (UK promo by The Orb):

“Night of a Thousand Furry Toys” (Inverted Gravy Mix, an Instrumental remix by William Orbit with Matt Ducasse.) ā€“ 8:31
“Runaway” (Anthony Moore) (R. Wright’s lemonade mix) ā€“ 7:04
“Runaway” (Anthony Moore) (Leggit Dub) ā€“ 7:01

“Runaway” (remixes by The Orb):

Extended “Runaway” remixes, almost the double in length, exist and can be found on two “The Orb Remix Project” compilations:

“Runaway” (Anthony Moore) (R. Wrights Leggit Mix) – 13:42 on “Auntie Aubrey’s Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty Part 2” – Ultra Records 2001 (USA).
“Runaway” (Anthony Moore) (Leggit Dub) – 13:38 on “Auntie Aubrey’s Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty Part 2” – Deviant Records 2002 (UK).
Both remixes are the same, due to copyrights reasons these compilations have different tracks on the UK and USA versions. “Runaway” appears on both.

Richard Wright ā€“ keyboards, piano, programming, synthesizer, vocals
Tim Renwick ā€“ guitars
Dominic Miller ā€“ Guitars
Steven Bolton ā€“ Guitars
Pino Palladino ā€“ Bass guitar
Manu KatchĆ© ā€“ drums, percussion
Sian Bell ā€“ Cello
Kate St. John ā€“ Oboe, Cor Anglais
Maz Palladino ā€“ backing vocals
SinĆ©ad O’Connor ā€“ Vocals
Jason Reddy: Computers
Anthony Moore ā€“ Arrangements, ‘telephone vocal’ on “Night of a Thousand Furry Toys”

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