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Identity Discography


Identity is the only album by Zee, a short-lived partnership consisting of Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright and Dave Harris of New Romantic outfit Fashion, released in 1984. Wright later stated that he feels Identity was an experiment that should never have been released.[citation needed] The album was written and produced by Wright and Harris and all the lyrics were penned by Harris.

The album makes heavy use of the Fairlight CMI, a musical synthesizer popularised in the 1980s. This creates a very electronic sound that persists through every track.

“Confusion” was released as a single with “Eyes of a Gypsy” as the ‘B’ side.

Track listing
All songs by Richard Wright and Dave Harris.

“Confusion” ā€“ 4:17
“Voices” ā€“ 6:21
“Private Person” ā€“ 3:36
“Strange Rhythm” ā€“ 6:36
“Cuts Like A Diamond” ā€“ 5:36
“By Touching” ā€“ 5:39
“How Do You Do It” ā€“ 4:45
“Seems We Were Dreaming” ā€“ 4:57
“Eyes Of A Gypsy” ā€“ 4:13 – Bonus track from the cassette release.

Non-album Tracks
“Confusion” (Single Mix) ā€“ 3:36
“Confusion” (12″ Mix) ā€“ 6:21
“Eyes Of A Gypsy” (Single Mix from the “Confusion” 12″ UK single) ā€“ 4:11

Richard Wright: Keyboards, percussion, fairlight, lead & backing vocals
Dave Harris: Guitars, keyboards, percussion, fairlight, lead & backing vocals

Catalog: 2401011 (LP).
Produced by Richard Wright and Dave Harris.
Co-production: Tim Palmer.
Engineered by Tim Palmer.
Overdubs and Mixdown by Utopia (London)
All titles by Richard Wright & Dave Harris.
Artwork by Dave Harris.
Photography by Paul Cox.

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