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Profiles Discography


Profiles is an album by Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason and 10cc’s guitarist Rick Fenn, released in 1985. It is almost entirely instrumental, save for two songs: “Lie for a Lie,” featuring Pink Floyd singer and guitarist David Gilmour and Mike Oldfield’s early 80s singer Maggie Reilly; and “Israel,” sung by UFO keyboardist Danny Peyronel.

Track listing
“Malta” (Fenn/Mason) ā€“ 6:00
“Lie for a Lie” (Fenn/Mason/Peyronel) ā€“ 3:16
“Rhoda” (Fenn/Mason) ā€“ 3:22
“Profiles Part 1/Profiles Part 2” (Fenn/Mason) ā€“ 9:58
“Israel” (Fenn/Peyronel) ā€“ 3:30
“And the Address” (Fenn/Mason) ā€“ 2:45
“Mumbo Jumbo” (Fenn/Mason) ā€“ 3:53
“Zip Code” (Fenn/Mason) ā€“ 3:05
“Black Ice” (Fenn/Mason) ā€“ 3:37
“At the End of the Day” (Fenn/Mason) ā€“ 2:35
“Profiles Part 3” (Fenn/Mason) ā€“ 1:55

Non-album track
“Lie for a Lie” (Fenn/Mason/Peyronel) (12″ Mix) ā€“ 5:54

Nick Mason – drums, keyboards, percussion, composing
Rick Fenn – guitars, keyboards, composing
Mel Collins ā€” saxophone on “And The Address”, “Mumbo Jumbo”, and “Black Ice”
David Gilmour ā€” vocals on “Lie for a Lie”
Maggie Reilly ā€” vocals on “Lie for a Lie”
Danny Peyronel ā€” vocals on “Israel”
Craig Pruess ā€” emulator brass on “Malta”

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