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When The Wind Blows Discography

When The Wind Blows

When the Wind Blows is an animated film originally released in the United Kingdom in 1986. The film is based on Raymond Briggs’ graphic novel of the same name. The film was directed by Jimmy Murakami and it stars the voices of John Mills and Peggy Ashcroft.

The film was Briggs’ second collaboration with TVC, after their efforts with a special based on another work of his, The Snowman, in 1982. It was distributed by Recorded Releasing in the UK, and by Kings Road Entertainment in the United States. A subsequent graphic novel by Briggs, 1998’s Ethel and Ernest, makes it clear that Briggs based the protagonist couple in When the Wind Blows on his own parents.

When the Wind Blows is a hybrid of drawn animation and stop-motion animation. The characters of Jim and Hilda Bloggs are drawn, but their home and most of the objects in it are real objects that seldom move but are animated with stop motion when they do.

The soundtrack album features music by Roger Waters and David Bowie (who performed its credit songs), Genesis, Squeeze and Paul Hardcastle.

Plot summary
When the Wind Blows depicts a nuclear attack on the UK by the Soviet Union from the viewpoint of a retired couple, Jim and Hilda Bloggs. The Bloggs live in rural Sussex and are confused regarding the nature and seriousness of their situation, which is sometimes used to generate gentle comedy as well as darker elements. As the film progresses their situation becomes steadily more hopeless as they suffer from the effects of radiation sickness. The film ends on an extremely bleak note, with them praying in their fallout shelter.

The soundtrack to the film was scored by Waters, featuring music by Bowie, Hugh Cornwell, Genesis, Hardcastle and Squeeze.

Track listing
All tracks written by Waters and performed by Waters and The Bleeding Heart Band except where noted. On some versions of the album the Roger Waters tracks are all put into one 24:26 minute song. The closing song, Folded Flags, has a reference to The Leaves song “Hey Joe”, only it refers to a dogma (as opposed to a gun).

“When the Wind Blows” (Bowie, Erdal Kizilcay) ā€“ 3:35
Performed by Bowie
“Facts And Figures” (Edgar Sampson) ā€“ 4:19
Performed by Hugh Cornwell
“The Brazilian” (Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford) ā€“ 4:51
Performed by Genesis
“What Have They Done?” (Chris Difford, Glenn Tilbrook) ā€“ 3:39
Performed by Squeeze
“The Shuffle” (Hardcastle) ā€“ 4:16
Performed by Hardcastle
“The Russian Missile” ā€“ 0:10
“Towers of Faith” ā€“ 7:00
“Hilda’s Dream” ā€“ 1:36
“The American Bomber” ā€“ 0:07
“The Anderson Shelter” ā€“ 1:13
“The British Submarine” ā€“ 0:14
“The Attack” ā€“ 2:53
“The Fall Out” ā€“ 2:04
“Hilda’s Hair” ā€“ 4:20
“Folded Flags” ā€“ 4:51
The Bleeding Heart Band
Roger Waters ā€“ bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals on “Towers Of Faith” and “Folded Flags”
Jay Stapley ā€“ guitar
Snowy White ā€“ guitar
John Gordon ā€“ bass guitar
Matt Irving ā€“ keyboards, organ
Nick Glennie-Smith ā€“ piano, organ
John Linwood ā€“ Linn programming
Freddie Krc ā€“ drums, percussion
Mel Collins ā€“ saxophone
Clare Torry ā€“ backing vocals on “Towers Of Faith”
Paul Carrack ā€“ keyboards and vocals on “Folded Flags”

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