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Are there any Pink Floyd fanzines?

The Azimuth Coordinator

A new fanzine will hit the world starting September 1999. This magazine, called The Azimuth Coordinator, promises to be a A4 sized full color cover magazine, giving the *usual* stuff (interviews, reprints of old articles, ROIO and concert reviews, the latest news, a collectors network and more. Basically the same kind of items as Brain Damage used to have.

We’ve seen the sample issue, and if the next issues will maintain the quality of the sample issue, this is a magazine well worth subscribing to. For more information check out or e-mail

NOTE TAC is in no way, shape or form affiliated with Brain Damage magazine, and any inquiries related to Brain Damage subscriptions, back orders and more should NOT be directed to TAC.


There is a Roger Waters fanzine published by REG, the International Roger Waters Fan Club. Subscription Info:

Membership Rates: The cost of REG fan club membership is currently $20.00 for members in the U.S. and because of increased postage costs is $27.00 for international members. Membership includes club initiation fees, yearly club dues, yearly subscription to the REG newsletter/magazine, and club card fee. The (20-40 page) REG Newsletter/Magazine will be published 3-4 issues per year. Membership applicants may pay by; U.S. bank check; International check (cheque) made out in U.S. dollars, or U.S. Postal Money Order, all made payable to:

Michael Simone
112 Bennett Rd.
Aptos, CA 95003 U.S.A.

Or you may pay by cash (U.S. currency if at all possible is preferred, but you may pay the equivalent membership amount in the currency of your country with an additional $10.00 for bank charges).

Syd Barrett fanzines

And for Syd Barrett fans, you can learn more about the “Chapter 24” Sydzine (now defunct) by sending a SASE to:

Chapter 24
c/o John Kelly
101 Amersham Road
Terriers, High Wycombe
HP13 5AD England

You might also investigate “The Ebony Totem — Psychedelia, Mysticism and Swinging London.” Send 2 pounds (includes UK postage) payable to

Mr. L. Bonney 129 Hinckley Road St. Helens Merseyside WA11 9JX UK
[NOTE: this information is from 1995, we have no idea if this is still correct]

A small Barrett fanzine called “Dust & Guitars” is produced occasionally. For information on current availability, contact Denise Vacca at

There are also two out-of-production fanzines which can still be obtained. The chief early Syd Barrett fanzine was “Terrapin.” A boxed set of all the “Terrapin” issues has recently been made available.

The Amazing Pudding

The chief Pink Floyd fanzine was for long “The Amazing Pudding,” until it ceased production in early 1994. Back issues (the last was #60) are still available; for inquiries send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Andy Mabbett
67, Cramlington Road
Great Barr
Birmingham B42 2EE

Brain Damage

The main Pink Floyd fanzine was “Brain Damage.” However, Brain Damage seems to be defunct these days. It has been almost two years since the last issue. Orders placed with Brain Damage are handled with huge delays, and e-mails and other correspondence remain unanswered. The last sign of life from Brain Damage was an almost content-free flyer send out to US- subscribers only, basically stating that Brain Damage was not defunct.

This flyer was sent out in December 1998. Since then I have tried to contact Brain Damage through e-mail and snail mail, and have never heard anything back from them.

If you want to reach Brain Damage, their address is still

Brain Damage Magazine
P.O. Box 109-P6
Westmont, IL 60559

Do not expect any response from them, since you won’t be getting any, whether you include an SASE or not.

It’s sad to see a magazine die this way.

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