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Fleudian Slips

Fleudian Slips Not a slip itself, but since it inspired this section… On the inner sleeve of David Gilmour’s About Face LP, printed in the bottom right-hand corner, is “Fleudian Slip.” -=-

On the remastered CD of A Saucerful of Secrets (made in Holland/printed in the UK), on the CD itself the title track is spelled “…Secret.”

The Shine On set contains a fair number of errors:

In the lyrics for “Breathe In The Air” on DSotM, the line “Don’t sit down it’s time to start another one” is printed; “start” should be “dig.”

On the lyrics pages for WYWH, SOYCD is strangely divided. Parts I-V are so labeled, but Parts VI-IX are labeled “Part 2.”
In The Wall disc one, on the CD insert ABitW3 is credited twice: once (correctly) to Waters, and once (incorrectly) to Waters/Ezrin.

The CD insert on disc two of The Wall leaves “The Trial” uncredited; it should be Waters/Ezrin.

The AMLoR CD insert has “Yet Another Movie” as Track 6 and “Round and Around” as Track 7. The latter should be 6a, as on the CD itself (though this may have been done for crediting reasons).

The book included with the set is written by an uncredited ghost writer, who took a rather liberal viewpoint to what consists plagiarism and what is not. In other words, quite a lot of information in that book comes from other uncredited sources. Also, the book ends in mid-sentence.
The CD booklet of More omits credits to Gilmour and Mason on the “Dramatic Theme.” Mason is also left out of the crediting for the “Main Theme.”

On the XX DSotM release, on the CD itself, track 1b is labeled “Breath in the Air.” “Breathe in the Air” is the correct spelling; with “Breathe” being an accepted official shortening.

On Capitol’s cassette release of AHM, on both the cover and cassette, it lists “If” as being on side one; it’s on side two.

The jewel boxes of some OBC CDs are erroneously marked ADD (analog recording, digital mixing/editing, digital mastering). As is written on the CD itself, they are AAD. (I’ve also heard of this happening on both More and Meddle.)

David Gilmour’s name tends to get misspelled quite a bit. It’s spelled “Glimour” on the inside credits of some versions of the Final Cut CD, while some ASoS releases have it as “Gilmore.” It’s also “Gilmore” on the credits to the film “More” (though this may have been an intentional play on words), and on the KQED video. KQED also spells “Green is the Colour” as the American “Color.”

In the Dark Side of the Moon guitar tabulature book, “Any Colour You Like” is listed as “Breathe (Second Reprise)”

The US CD booklet of David Gilmour adds a preceding “It’s” to the title of “Deafinitely.” The title is printed correctly on the disc itself.

In the printed lyrics for “What God Wants Part I”, some versions of ATD have “The alien cried prophet” written; “prophet cried” is what’s sung.

On the EMI release of Pulse, the track list on the inside cover reverses the placement of songs 6 and 7.

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