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What did Syd do after leaving the band?

Syd’s solo works
After leaving the band (see the section on “when did syd leave”) Syd made 2 solo albums. In addition to making the _Madcap Laughs_ and _Barrett_ albums, doing a set on the Top Gear Show (released on _The Peel Session_ EP), and recording the songs that were used to make up _Opel_, Syd was also involved in the following musical activities in his post-Floyd days:

Wrote/recorded several songs which have never seen the light of day, such as “Bob Dylan Blues,” “Just Before You Disappear,” “Lanky, pt.2,” “Living Alone,” and “Rhamadan.” (though the Rhamadan ROIO contains an instrumental track that might be Rhamadan).

Played with David Gilmour (bass) and Jerry Shirley (drums) at the Olympia Extravaganza Music and Fashion Festival, on June 6th, 1970. They played “Terrapin,” “Gigolo Aunt,” “Effervescing Elephant,” and “Octopus.”

Played guitar at an Eddie Burns show in January, 1972, at the King’s College Cellar. He was joined by Delivery’s Jack Monck on bass and Pink Fairies’ drummer Twink. This gig remains unconfirmed.

Briefly joined Twink and Monck in a group called “Stars.” They made several appearances in small cafes and such, and did one major gig in February, 1972 at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. Here they played “Octopus,” “Dark Globe,” “Gigolo Aunt,” “Baby Lemonade,” “Waving My Arms in the Air,” “Lucifer Sam,” and some blues 12-bars.
The band’s rehearsals were taped, but have never been released.

Made several attempts at recording a third solo album, mostly at the insistence of his management. One attempt had him overdubbing several guitar parts over each other — this session was abandoned. Later, in November 1974, Syd returned to the studio again. Only backing tracks were recorded; and these, along with any lyrics from this period, have never been released.

The Steve Peregrine Took album, The Missing Link to Tyrannosaurus Rex credits Syd Barrett on guitar and various noises. Although it is undocumented on which songs (if any) Syd plays on.

Played acoustic guitar with Jack Bruce at a poetry reading performance in the summer of 1973 in Cambridge.

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