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The 1968, 1969 tours

After the departure of Syd Barrett, the group toured the UK and Europe, sometimes (e.g. 1june1968) playing 3 concerts in one day.

Memorable concerts were their appearance at the First International Pop Festival in Rome in may 1968 (3 songs and an interview have been recorded for posterity). The 2 concerts they gave in Amsterdam at 23may1968 (since these are 2 of the only 3 complete concerts of which recordings exist). The first free concert in Hyde Park and their concert on 28dec1968 (which was also recorded for posterity) in the Margriethallen in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

“Set lists”

Gathering from the set lists that are known, the 1968 shows were based around tracks like Interstellar Overdrive, ASOS, Set The Controls, Careful with that Axe Eugene, Astronomy Domine and Let There Be More Light.

In 1969 the band did their first concept tour with the The Man and The Journey concerts, see the section on “The Man and The Journey”, but played a more standard set list as well.

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