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What Rare Releases are out there?

Here’s a list of rare, special, or limited editions, promo items you might find for sale, and other “interesting” releases:

Caveat: This list is by its very nature incomplete, but gives a good indication of the most well-known items.

Promo Singles

Arnold Layne/Candy & A Currant Bun rare picture sleeve
See Emily Play rare picture sleeve
Apples & Oranges/Paintbox DJ picture sleeve
It Would Be So Nice 1983 12″ 1 sided
When The Tigers Broke Free/ 12″
Bring The Boys Back Home
Money 1 sided 12″ pink vinyl
On the Turning Away/Run Like Hell pink vinyl single
Money/Another Brick in the Wall, pt.2 12″ pink vinyl
Flaming/The Gnome Tower 368, unique “Gnome”
Not Now John (obscured) 12″ 1 sided DJ
Run Like Hell (6:21/3:25) single
On the Turning Away/Run Like Hell pink vinyl single
Money/Another Brick in the Wall, pt.2 12″ pink vinyl
Remember a Day/Let There Be More Light single
One of These Days single
Love on the Air picture disc

Japanese Singles/EPs

A lot of Floyd material has been released in Japan on single/EP, sometimes even on red vinyl.

Promo EPs

Dark Side of the Moon 1973 DJ Sampler 12″
Off The Wall 1979 DJ Sampler 12″
Pompeii DJ Sampler 12″
Tour ’75 1975 DJ Promo +
’94 Barrett pink EP #
David Gilmour 1978 DJ Promo EP @
Selections from The Final Cut DJ Promo %
Selections from Pros and Cons DJ promo %

+ Capitol’s attempt to get back catalog moving. Contained “The Gold it’s in the….,” “Wot’s…Uh the Deal,” “Free Four,” “Fat Old Sun,” “One of These Days,” “Astronomy Domine,” and “Careful with that Axe, Eugene.”
@ Four-track promo sampler for the _David Gilmour_ LP, with “Deafinitely,” “Mihalis,” “Short And Sweet” and “So Far Away.” This might have been one of the Selections From type promos.

# Contains album versions of “Terrapin,” “Octopus,” “Baby Lemonade,” and “Effervescing Elephant”

% Selections From XXX promos contain a limited number (usually 4) of songs from the album, which are the ones deemed by the record company to be most suitable for air play. The promos have a low quality (almost Xeroxed looking) cover.

I have personally seen the TFC and +-oHH ones, but would not be surprised if these were released for more albums.

Rare Box Sets:

First XI box set of PatGoD through Animals, with original sleeves except DSotM and _Animals_ (picture discs, not in French edition)

Piper-scx 6157
Saucerful-scx 6258
More-scx 6346
Ummagumma-shdw 1/2
AHM-shvl 781
Relics-srs 5071
Meddle-shvl 795
OBC-shsp 4020
Dark Side-shvlp 804 (picture disc both sides)
WYWH-shvlp 814 (picture disc both sides)
Animals-shvl 815

Pink Floyd–The Box European box set of WYWH through AMLoR CDs (including ACoGDS)

Quadraphonic Albums:

Q4SHVL 781 _Atom Heart Mother_
Q4SHVL 804 _The Dark Side of the Moon_
Q4SHVL 814 _Wish You Were Here_

* The Floyd also apparently spent some time in the studio recording a quad mix of _Meddle_. However, this was never released…
Limited Edition Album Packages

_Animals_ Pig Box pink wooden box ^
_Atom Heart Mother_ Cow Box white wooden cow box ^
_Dark Side_ Prism Box black wooden triangle box ^
_Dark Side_ Pyramid Box black wooden pyramid box ^
_The Wall_ Brick Wall Box wall-shaped box ^
_Delicate Sound_ Light bulb Box wooden box ^
_The Division Bell_ Slip case Australian limited edition
The Division Box limited edition TDB promo %
The Wall: Live in Berlin Video Box VHS video, the 2CD set, and an expanded booklet

% Contains:
A copy of _The Division Bell_ CD
A copy of the “Take it Back” UK CD single
A promotional “Division Bell”, which was a little silver-plated bell, about six inches long, with handle
A calculator with TDB artwork
A custom denim shirt/jacket (black)
^ These are all limited editions (1000-2000 made, depending)

5 comments on the “What Rare Releases are out there?” page

  1. December 4th, 2011 at 10:15 am


    I have a Pink floyd box set PF11 but DSOTM and WYWH do not have picture discs. Any idea on value?

  2. December 12th, 2012 at 2:12 pm


    i have a rare pink floyd bootleg from 1971 called ‘pinky’ it is the white label version (apparently only 50 pressed) with a couple of hundred blue label versions appearing after. this is very very rare. i can’t imagine how many are still out there after 40 odd years!?!?!????

    anyone know any more about this record including what it might be worth!??

  3. December 12th, 2012 at 2:12 pm


    email me if anyone has any info

  4. February 12th, 2013 at 5:53 am

    Anders Winqvist

    I have got Run Like hell/Run Like Hell (with Columbia sleeve), and Not Now John )obscured version)/Not Now John )obscured version)(with black/white pic sleeve) and When The Tigers Broke Free / When The Tigers Broke Free (with gatefold pic sleeve) All are 7″ vinyls, Demonstration discs. What is notable with the vinyldiscs is that they all are red when holding them against light, as if they were obscured coloured vinyls… Anyone knows about this?

  5. July 20th, 2013 at 8:02 am

    Len Nowostawski

    Does anyone have any information on the CD and Booklet that was included with the Animals Pink Pig Box. I have seen different CD pictured in sets for sale. The one I have is the Brown Harvest Label with the Wet Dog almost identical to the Blue LP label. The only numbers are on the center ring of the encoded side which reads
    PinFl 00628. The Booklet has no Printing only pictures on the Front and Back of the Pig flying over the Power Station. Thank You


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