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“Relics on LP”

Relics exists with a variety of different cover art designs:

A black and white pen drawing by Nick Mason of a Dr. Seuss- like machine. A variation has the same drawing, but the bands name is in solid pink letters instead of the usual black and white.

A four-eyed bottle opener resembling a strange mask. (US)

A cover with old coins. (Australia)
“Relics on CD”
It is now commonly available on CD, as part of the remasters series, but for a long time this CD was the most sought after CD in the Floyd catalog.

The remastered CD has new cover art, based on a 3-D model built to resemble Nick Mason’s drawing.

Until the release through the remasters series, Relics had been available in Europe for a short while (making it an excellent trading item for those overseas trades) and for a longer while in Australia under the Axis label.

The “Axis” CD had the old coins cover.

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