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The In The Flesh Tour

Set list

The set list for the 1977 tour was:

Set 1: sheep, potw1, dogs, potw2, pigs
Set 2: Wish You Were Here
Encore: Money and/or Us and Them

The American leg of this tour was called ‘Pink Floyd: In The Flesh.’
The Number Game

During Pigs Roger shouted a number in the microphone. The exact reason why he did shout this, nor what the number meant, but it looks almost like Roger shouted the number of shows they had done.

So Who Played What?

Ed Sander posted this on Echoes:

Who played what on which song for this tour? Obviously Rick and Nick have their instruments, but I’m curious as to Dave, Roger and Snowy, specifically on Pigs and Pigs on the Wing. Snowy has his solo in part two of PotW, and I always assumed that Rog played acoustic on this, leaving Dave to play bass. Right? Or not? And then what happened when they moved into Pigs (3DO)?

I’m not sure about the others but here’s what Snowy said he played:

This is a question I’ve always wanted to ask. Do you know which instruments Snowy plays on which songs during Pink Floyd’s In The Flesh tour?

Sheep Bass [1]
Pigs On The Wing (Part 1) ?
Dogs Bass
Pigs On The Wing (Part 2) ? [Lead Guitar, of course. Ed]
Pigs (Three Different Ones) ? [Bass GDH]
Shine On… (Part 1-5) Can’t remember
Welcome To The Machine Bass
Have A Cigar Lead Guitar
Wish You Were Here High Strung Acoustic Guitar
Shine On… (Part 6-9) Lead Guitar (at the end)
Money Rhythm Guitar
Us and Them Guitar
Careful With That Axe,Eugene (Oakland) Guitar
Blues (Montreal) Lead Guitar [2]

[note 1] He was the first one to step on stage to play the bass on Sheep. According to Snowy he also played bass on Dogs and Welcome to the Machine.
[Note 2] see the next question.

The Spitting Incident

Roger Waters had this to say about the 6 July 1977 Montreal Show:

“I was on stage and there was one guy in the front row shouting and screaming all the way through everything. in the end I called him over and, when he got close enough, spat him in the face. I shocked myself with that incident enough to think: ‘Hold on a minute, this is all wrong'”
What exactly happened is asked often enough to warrant inclusion of a transcript of this show.
[original transcript by Chris Daly, later expanded and corrected]
… a pause in speech
{} Not audible or too much noise
() A Comment


(During Sheep, PotW1 and DOGS, the audience was kind of loud and had fireworks, and someone had an air horn that they were using during some of the quiet bits. someone shouts Rock N Roll directly after potw1, before the show some shouting to get seated

Dogs Ends.

pause (about 95 seconds (Crowd whistling and screaming, some fireworks and an air horn in the audience going off)

First chord of PotW2 (Pause about 10 seconds)

(It is as if Roger is trying to tell the audience to be quiet so he can start the song by strumming the first chord)

First chord of PotW2 (Pause about 10 seconds)

PotW2 Starts:

“You Know That I Care …”

BOOOOOM!!! (Firework goes off, sounds close to the mike on stage)

Roger stops playing and says:

“Oh for fuck sake stop lighting off fireworks and shouting & screaming I’m trying to SING A SONG! …”

(The crowd starts applauding and screaming louder)

“I mean I don’t care….”

“If You don’t want to hear it.. you know….

“FUCK You, I’m sure there are a lot of people here who DO want to hear it…”

(The crowd starts applauding and screaming louder)

“So why don’t you just be quiet…”

“If you want to light your fireworks off… go outside and light them off out there… and if you want to shout and scream well then go and do it out there…. but .. I am trying to sing a song that SOME people want to listen to….
I WANT to listen to it.”

PotW2 starts again.


Pigs (3 Different Ones)

Last Verse
Roger Shouts 90,61 Guitar solo plays (The numbers were in all the shows)

During the last minute or so of the song Roger shouts the following:


(I’m guessing that this is where the spitting incident took place)

Come back PIG!!!!!!….

All is forgiven!…

Come on boy!…

{ohh wow }
Whistle (As if to call someone to him, like a Dog or a KID)
Come on son…

Roger makes strange noises ala Careful With That Axe, Eugene


Shine On You crazy Diamond 6-9
Roger changes the lyrics to the following:

Nobody knows where WE are, how near or how far, SOYCD Pile on many more YEARS and I’ll be joining you there, SOYCD


Money is played as an Encore

[Roger says]
Thank you very much
See you again maybe

[someone says: shall we do us and them]

[lot of noise, shouting, we want more ]

OK, we’re gonna do another tune
Just ‘cos there’s a few arseholes down the front here there’s no need for everybody to get upset

And we have enjoyed it
We hope you have

As soon as everyone else gets here, we’ll do one more
[more crowd noise, assi, assiez-vous (French for Sit Down)]

“This tune is called Us & Them, It’s from DSOTM.”
“It’s very quiet so lets keep quiet….Try and end this thing peacefully.”

Pink Floyd without David Gilmour comes back out to VERY LOUD APPLAUSE and Roger says (He sounds VERY apologetic):
Thank You!….

Take is Easy!….

Don’t Worry.. about it ….
I Don’t… Well I do (Echoes like in Us and Them)
I wish I didn’t (Echoes like in Us and Them)


Listen… we can’t do anymore of our old songs…. so were just going to play some music… you know… to go home to… for you…

We’re not noticed as a blues band..
were just going to play a slow blues and everybody can just calm down a bit and everything will be all right..

“Thanks you again for coming”

A slow blues number is played (without David Gilmour)

“So what happened during that blues number”
David Gilmour stated in interviews that he felt their playing that night wasn’t good enough to warrant a third (after Money and Us & Them) encore, so he went off to the mixing desk to see the 3rd encore from there. Apparently a section of the crowd had already gone home after the first encore, and more left after the second. Apparently there was more than half an hour between us and them and the blues tune.

The blues jam lasted for about fifteen minutes, and during the jam, roadies started dismantling the bands setup, in the end Nick Mason was left with only a single drum.

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