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“Where do the tracks on Pulse come from?”

The video (VHS and Laser Disc) version of _Pulse_ comes exclusively from the October 20th, 1994 show at Earls Court; it is a reedited version of what was a Pay-Per-View performance. In comparison with the original PPV, the _Pulse_ video features some different camera angles and a few cuts on the guitar solos.

The audio (CD, MD, cassette, and vinyl) _Pulse_ is *not* the same as this; it features tracks taken from throughout the European segment of the _Division Bell_ tour. Here is a list of songs and their locations, thanks to Karl Dallas at the Revue on-line magazine, and with the assistance of Andy Mabbett. It was published in its original form, as part of a Revue interview with David Gilmour.

Song – Location – Date
“Shine On” – Earls Court – October 20
“Astronomy Domine” – Earls Court – October 15
“What Do You Want From Me” – Rome – September 21
“Learning to Fly” – Earls Court – October 14
“Keep Talking” – Hannpver – August 17
“Hey You” – Earls Court – October 13
last verse: Earls Court – October 15
“A Great Day for Freedom” – Earls Court – October 19
“Sorrow” – Rome – September 20
“High Hopes” – Earls Court – October 20
“Another Brick, pt.2” – Earls Court – October 21
“One of These Days” – Earls Court – October 16
end section – Earls Court – October 20
“Speak to Me” – Earls Court -October 20
“Breathe” – Earls Court – October 20
“On the Run” – Earls Court – October 20
“Time” – Rome – September 20
intro – Modena – September 17
explosion – Earls Court – October 15
“Breathe (reprise)” – Rome – September 20
last edit – Earls Court – October 20
“The Great Gig in the Sky” – Earls Court – October 20
“Money” – Modena – September 17
“Us and Them” – Earls Court – October 20
2nd and 3rd chorus – Earls Court – October 19
“Any Colour You Like” – Earls Court – October 23
end of song – Earls Court – October 19
“Brain Damage”/”Eclipse” – Earls Court – October 19
“Wish You Were Here” – Rome – September 20
“Comfortably Numb” – Earls Court – October 20
“Run Like Hell” – Earls Court – October 15

“Difference between formats”

As said before, the Video (VHS and Laser Disc) of Pulse are from the 20oct1994 concert (with some edits).

The CD version omits One Of These Days, whereas the cassette copies of _Pulse_ include about twenty minutes of the ambient opening music/sounds that were played before the 1994 concerts started at the end of tape two.

The Vinyl version comes with 4LPs and a beautiful LP-sized book, with the same and some different pictures as the CD version. (Since I only own the LP version, I cannot make a list of differences)

The CD version comes in two flavors, the common one with the blinking red light, and a version that’s jokingly referred to as the environmental friendly version, as it comes unLEDded. (Badabum, badabum!)

“What does P.U.L.S.E stand for?”

The dots in PULSE do not mean that the word is an abbreviation. They are simply there because it looks coo. But depending on which side of the Waters-Gilmour line you sit, we suggest you pick either:

P.U.L.S.E. : Pretty Uninspired Light Show Essentially
P.U.L.S.E. : Pinkfloyd Ultimate Light and Sound Experience
“What’s the funky light thingy on the book?”

In Storm Thorgerson’s book “Mind Over Matter”, Thorgerson says it is a “small flying craft.” (It appears specifically to be some kind of combination of star craft and concert lighting apparatus, covered with maps of constellations.) Thorgerson says the object was actually built and photographed “before it zoomed off into the heavens.”

“What’s written on the beer coaster?”

[Thanks to Karolina “Kevin” Wihed]

“Might we suggest that… if the pulsing LED begins to drive you crazy, turn the box round so the LED faces to the wall or the back of your shelf. If it begins to drive you *really* crazy, then separate the outer slip case from the book, leave the book in your CD collection, and put the slip case in your car or potting shed where it might look and act like a burglar alarm. The battery for the LED should last more than six months and is replaceable, if you can get to it, that is, without trashing the case. The battery must not of course be exposed to fire or high temperatures which can cause cells to leak or explode. The LED is set at the average human pulse speed so it can be used as an anti stress device–just check your own pulse against it. It is designed primarily for easy finding thereby avoiding uncomfortable neck twisting or eye squinting to read the spine. The LED is also like the opening heartbeat of The Dark Side of the Moon. Most particularly the LED pulses… it is a *live* phenomenon… like the music.”
The reference to a “potting shed” is probably a joke aimed at Roger Waters. Roger’s first wife, Jude, was a potter. His home studio, The Billiard Room, shared its space with Jude’s pottery studio. In other words the potting shed = Rogers home studio

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  1. May 26th, 2012 at 9:45 am


    Hey I’m working on a paper about the meaning of the cd PULSE edition with the LED, involving Peirce’s semiotic theory, any clue about the cover meaning?

  2. December 27th, 2013 at 1:17 am


    I think that the pulsing led would concern a heartbeat, and for this reason it has the meaning of the life in itself. I hope it would be useful for you…


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