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The Wall in Berlin

“Problems during the concert”

Problems were probably inevitable at such a large-scale, one- shot performance. The concert started smoothly enough, with the introductory acts (The Hooters, in case you were wondering why they’re credited, along with James Galway and The Band, plus a German group) and the Scorpions’ performance of “In the Flesh.” But the microphones died completely during “The Thin Ice” — Roger just waved at the crowd and did a little tap dance to keep them entertained. They got the mics working again mid-way through “Another Brick, pt.1,” but only at low power; the crowd periodically screamed “louder, louder!” Full power was finally restored for “Empty Spaces,” and continued without a hitch for the rest of the show.

The other well-known blooper was on Sinead O’Connor’s rendition of “Mother.” As I understand it (second-hand), as The Band began to sing the chorus, she lost her place in the song and began to sing the next verse! These mistakes were “cleaned up” on the album and video releases by splicing in footage from the previous day’s dress rehearsal, and from an emergency redo of the entire concert the company did, right after the official performance.

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