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The Rumor Mill

This section contains often heard rumors, we try to state of each rumor whether or not it’s true. For a fairly extensive list of current and recent rumors and the lowdown on which are true and which aren’t, see The Acid Test at

Roger stated in a 1995 New York Times interview that he has been working on a stage adaptation of The Wall, with more “humanity and humor.” He also said that he has been writing some poetry and short stories, which may be published in the future.

According to numerous sources (REG, TAP, interviews) Roger has also been working on an opera based on the French Revolution named “Ca Ira.” The lyrics were written by Etienne Roda-Gil in 1988, who asked Roger to compose the music. Roger agreed. Over the course of nine months, he produced a 2 hour demo, singing all the lyrics in French, avec accent. He’s apparently all but done with the project; French sources have it as premiering in France later this year. Roger says he will not perform on the recording or in any of the live shows in any capacity.
[Historical note from Colin Bunnell: “Ca Ira” (“It will go”) was a popular song among the French Revolutionaries.]

There were a fair number of out-takes from the TDB sessions. Nick Mason, Richard Wright and David Gilmour have each said that some of these may be released on a “satellite album” at some point in the future, or saved until the next full Pink Floyd album.
This however was in 1994, and we haven’t seen anything yet.

Gilmour and Mason have both said that when they tour again, they’ll play smaller venues (15,000 as opposed to 50,000) and will do without many of the backup musicians that have graced the past two tours.
In recent (1998) interviews both Gilmour and Mason have stated that they have been doing nothing at all since 1995, no tour, no album, no nothing.

In the beginning of 1999 a rumor appeared that the band was back at David’s houseboat and was recording something.

Judging from the past (AMLoR and TDB) the band has historically announced at least a year in advance that they were working on a new album. Since we haven’t heard anything yet, we can safely say we won’t see a new album before the new millennium.

The new millennium starts on 1Jan 2001. Even so, there are plans for a number of millennium concerts at 31dec1999/1jan2000. Pink Floyd is often mentioned as playing there, but the band has denied this in interviews; Gilmour has said in several interviews that he plans on spending the eve of the new year celebrating privately with his family.

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