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Other bands of interest

What follows is a list of other bands that get mentioned on Echoes and are of interest to Floyd fans in some way. This section is rather bare bones yet, and needs to be fleshed out in the future.


See the trivia section, this jam band has covered a fair number of Floyd songs in concert, including a complete Dark Side Of The Moon.

Porcupine Tree

Obviously very influenced by Pink Floyd, though they are slowly changing musical directions. There most floydian CD is The Sky Moves Sideways.


They appear on a CD included in Vernon Fitch’s Pink Floyd Encyclopedia. Gilmour produced some of their songs. Michael Moorcock (author of The Winds Of Limbo which gave Set The Controls its title) was a member.


Influenced by Floyd. Some of their songs sound very Floydian.

Lee Saunders

His album A Promise Of Peace, was once described as “Beating waters at his own game”.


For better or worse, have been often labeled “the next Pink Floyd” by media. In fact, “The Bends” and “OK Computer” have very Floydian elements.

Some other bands which are often mentioned on Echoes as being popular with Floyd fans include, King Crimson, Rush, Yes, The Beatles and far too many others to list here. However, Floyd fans may be fans of virtually any other kind of music: classical, industrial, metal, light pop, techno, folk, blues, and any other genre you could dream of (including Country & Western). So, one fan’s opinion of what is “Floydian”-sounding may be dramatically different from your own.

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