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What Are Some Good Sources For Collectors?

Any major record store should be able to order any of the “normal” releases that they don’t carry — including imports like _When the Wind Blows_ and some of the remastered EMI CDs. You can also use the on-line CD stores for this (,, etc.) But if you’re looking for promotional items, 7″ singles, or other, rarer material, your best bet may be to check one of the places mentioned below.

Record Collector Magazine is a UK publication that specializes in the Record Collectors market (hence it’s title). The magazine is roughly half articles, and half for sale/wanted ads. I’ve seen pretty much every Floyd item for sale in their columns. You should be able to get a copy of Record Collector from the better magazine store.

“Hip Cat Records”

Hip Cat is a good place to get the latest Pink Floyd albums, singles, books, magazine interviews, and concert paraphernalia; as well as older, rare, and foreign releases. Request a catalog from them at:

Hip Cat Records M-Th 11am to 8:30pm CST
1089 W. Dundee Road F-Sa 11am to 9:30pm
Wheeling IL 60090-3908 Sun 12pm to 6:00pm
(1) 708-537-0066

“Crazy Diamond”

A Dutch based record shop, run by Charles Beterams who is also one of the persons behind the Azimuth Coordinator fanzine. Has a large variety of Floydian goodies, albums, CDs, rare vinyl, concert stubs, poster and other memorabilia.

You can contact Crazy Diamond through or at

“The Pink Floyd Archives”

The Pink Floyd Archives was created in the mid-seventies by collector Vernon Fitch to provide a centralized place for Pink Floyd information and collectibles. The Archives includes collections of numerous Pink Floyd items, but is best known for its Collectors Guides to Pink Floyd recordings and videos in which Vernon has documented the band’s history through detailed listings of actual concert recordings. The Archives has worked with numerous publishers of Pink Floyd books and magazines, has helped the band members out with various requests and has been involved in assisting MTV and the BBC with their Pink Floyd specials.

You can contact the Archives by mail at:

Vernon Fitch
Pink Floyd Archives
P.O. Box 13844
St. Petersburg, FL 33733

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  1. September 22nd, 2012 at 4:36 am

    j marie

    I am looking for a rare concert poster from the potzdamer platz concert from july 21 1990 as a gift for my husband, it was given to him by his brother, who attended the concert, shortly after we got married in 1999, my cat named spaz- spazed out- thats how she got her name- and ripped it off the wall, every since I have been tring to replace it and have had no luck finding that poster.I still have that poster if there is anybody out there who can help I will send pic of what that poster looks like thanku


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