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What Rarities are out there?

Here is a list of (perhaps) all the known non-album Pink Floyd tracks. Many of these are available illegally. Some have never been heard by the general public. Some may not even exist.

*[NOTE: early versions of the FAQ listed in this section also cover songs performed at sound checks or by Dave Gilmour on various public appearances. This list was incomplete, and including all known songs would make this list at least twice as large as it is now. Also, removed from this section are singles and B-sides]*

*[NOTE2: At this moment, work is underway to collect and list all known existing rarities and spread this collection under the fans. If and when this project is finished, this section will be updated ]*

Lucy Lee in Blue Tights first group composition, may have become “Lucy Leave”
I Get Stoned demo recorded at their first session
King Bee blues song, covered by the Rolling Stones, written by Moore, recorded by Slim Harpo
Lucy Leave from ’66 sessions
Silas Lang from very early “basement” sessions, 1966
Flapdoodle Dealing unreleased early live piece
I Can Tell unreleased early live song
Snowing unreleased early live track
Piggy Back unreleased early live piece
Pink unreleased early live piece
Millionaire unreleased early track, sometimes called “She Was A Millionaire”
One in a Million early live song, sometimes called “Rush in a Million”
Reaction in G 12 October 1967
The Gnome rare mix on back of “Flaming” single
Scream Thy Last Scream late Syd song, announced as “An Old Woman with a Casket”
Vegetable Man late Syd song
Have You Got It Yet? late Barrett/Floyd “song”
The Boppin’ Sound unreleased track/working title for a piece from the ASOS sessions, February 1968. T his might very well be the working title for a section of ASOS.
Richard’s Rave Up unreleased track recorded February 1968 (possibly a working title for a section of ASoS)
Nick’s Boogie the February 1968 session logs show entries for a song with this title. Was probably a working title for a section of ASoS.
Rhamadan long (18 min) Barrett song from 1968.
The Incarceration of a Flower Child Waters demo, played for Marianne Faithfull
Point Me At The Sky extended, from the Top Gear sessions
In the Beechwoods unreleased track recorded May 1968
Interstellar Overdrive live, _Ummagumma_ outtake
John Latham unreleased track recorded May 1968
Moonhead from BBC TV ++
Baby Blue Shuffle in D (Major) jam, became Part 1 of “The Narrow Way”
Embryo _Ummagumma_ outtake *
Jews Harp and Windchimes unreleased track recorded in 1969
Highway Song unreleased track recorded in 1969
music from “The Committee” a movie they did incidentals for
Religious Experience EMI outtake w/Barrett & Kevin Ayers, 1/70
Fingal’s Cave _Zabriskie_ outtake
Oenone/Oneone _Zabriskie_ outtake &
Rain In The Country _Zabriskie_ outtake
Heart Beat, Pig Meat _Zabriskie_
The Violent Sequence part eventually became “Us and Them” +
Bob Dylan Blues unreleased Barrett track from 1970
Living Alone unreleased Barrett track from 1970
Merry Christmas Song from the John Peel Show, December 1975 ^
Seabirds _More_ outtake (Waters) **
Theme (Beat Version) _More_ outtake (entire band) **
Money Waters’ acoustic demo played on radio
On The Run 1972 live guitar-based jam
Time early studio version, June ’72
Us and Them early studio version, June ’72
Just Before You Disappear unreleased Barrett song
Lanky (Part 2) unreleased Barrett instrumental
Bitter Love a.k.a. “How do You Feel,” unreleased 1975
You Gotta Be Crazy later became “Dogs”
Raving and Drooling later became “Sheep”
Flight from Reality from late 1975, “very strange”
Sheep with 23rd Psalm read by Mason
Comfortably Numb 1978 Gilmour acoustic demo played on radio
The Death of Sisco possibly “Disco” or “Cisco,”. Often assumed to be a Wall outtake. This track might very well be the part of the The Wall show where the DJ/MC annoys the audience.
Synth Theme unreleased song or working title from _The Wall_ sessions
Prophet unreleased song/alternative title from _The Wall_ sessions
Overture for Comfortably Numb unreleased/alternate track from _The Wall_
Overture recorded for “Wall” movie
When The Tigers Broke Free from “The Wall” movie, later a single
What Shall We Do Now? from “The Wall” movie
Outside the Wall “Wall” movie version
Not Now John (obscured) expletives-deleted single
The Hero’s Return part II Parts 1 & 2 on back of “Not Now John” obscured version single
Sh-Boom a 1954 “Crew Cuts” hit covered by Mason/Fenn
Great Gig in the Sky Nurofen advertisement, rerecording with Clare Torry
Across the Universe Waters, on 1986 BBC special for John Lennon with help from Andy Fairweather-Low
Peace Be With You from AMLoR, a ‘good luck’ message to Waters
Sorrow instrumental version
Round and Around extended
Terminal Frost “Do Your Own Lead” version #
Going to Live in LA Waters _KAOS_ single
Waiting for the Drummer live jam from the KAOS tour, 11/16/87
Dance with the Ferraris instrumental from 4 Dec 1989 by Mason+Fenn at Essen Motor Show
Another Brick in the Wall(2) rerecorded by Roger for a _Berlin Wall_ promo CD
Run Like Hell Potsdamer Mix, from a _Berlin Wall_ promo
Like A Rolling Stone Gilmour demo played on Radio One, 28jul92
It’s a Miracle up-tempo version with Flea on bass
Smiles for Miles unreleased song recorded for ATD
Small Theme “La Carrera Panamericana”
Big Theme “La Carrera Panamericana”
Carrera Slow Blues “La Carrera Panamericana,” not on released video
Pan Am Shuffle from “La Carrera Panamericana” film
Take It Back extended, from French promo CD

…and a few other items, mostly just instrumental jams from concerts and edited versions of songs for radio air play. See also the list of movies and videos, some of which also contain unreleased material.
* This piece has many live recordings, and a studio version was finally released on _Works_. A demo version was accidentally released on _Picnic_ (a Harvest label sampler). Originally intended to be a part of _Ummagumma_.
** These songs were found in a volume of copyrighted musical works. “Seabirds” had lyrics, while the others were instrumentals. They appeared in the film, but were omitted from the album. Also, the music for “Seabirds” has apparently been published in a music book at some time (though the lyrics were different than in the movie).

+ “Violent” was originally written for the movie _Zabriskie Point_ and was performed during some of their tours of the period as a part of a 20 minute piece including bits of “Heart Beat, Pig Meat.” [From Gerhard]: Part 1 is a tremendous drum part, sometimes labeled as “Corrosion” Part 2 is a piano-based part, which could be “Heart Beat, Pig Meat” Part 3 is again a drum-based thing, and also appears on some RoIOs as “Corrosion” Part 4 is “The Violent Sequence,” a piano-based part that sounds really familiar (and that’s because it’s the base for “Us & Them”). The sequence the song was written for involved riots or some such being shown in slow motion.

# The “Do Your Own Lead” version of “Terminal Frost” supposedly had the guitar part removed from the mix. However, on both the “Learning to Fly” single and “CD Full of Secrets” radio disk/RoIO, it’s the same song as on the album.

++ [from Adam Winstanley]: “Moonhead” was included as part of a documentary on BBC TV on the night of the first moon landing. [20 July 1969 — ed.] It was in an “arts” series called Omnibus, this particular program being about people’s differing perceptions of the moon through time (a goddess, lunatics, romantic moonlight, werewolves baying at it … etc. etc.) The program was subtitled “What if it’s just green cheese.”

& Spelled both “Oneone” or “Oenone” a roughly equal percentage of time. “Oenone” is a name from Greek mythology. The argument for “Oneone” is that it would be pronounced (oh- nee-oh-nee) the same way as the name of the film’s director, Michelangelo Antonioni.

^ Likely recorded in 1970. Exactly who is singing is not known; some combination of Nick Mason/Alan Styles/John Peel.

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