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Airborne (1993)

Movie about a surfer who’s moving to Cincinnati, where he is shifting to rollerblades to gain respect from his new classmates. What God Wants by Roger Waters can be heard on the soundtrack. With Shane McDermott and Seth Green.

America - A Tribute to Heroes
America – A Tribute to Heroes (Telethon Broadcast) (2001)

Broadcast for the tribute show in memory of September 11th 2001. Includes the Pink Floyd song Wish You Were here performed by Limp Bizkit & Johnny Rzeznik.

The Body
The Body (1970)

Anglo-EMI / Kestrel Film
Directed by Roy Battersby
Produced by Tony Garnett
Medical documentary with music by Ron Geesin and Roger Waters.
Soundtrack: ‘Music From the Body’.
Video: Warner Brothers PES 38196

Crystal Voyager
Crystal Voyager (1974)

Spectacular surfer-film directed by George Greenough and orchestrated by Pink Floyd’s ‘Echoes’. Greenough takes his camera and you on a vibrant trip into the rolling, crashing ocean. Filmed with a camera mounted on a surf board.

The Committee
The Committee (1968)

Directed by Peter Sykes.
Produced by Max Steuer.
Pink Floyd produced the music to the film. It was originally Syd Barrett who was suppossed to make the score, but his work was not finished.The soundtrack has not been released and the film has been unavailable since it premiered in 1968. The film was finally released on DVD in September 2005.

The cast: Jimmy Gardner, Paul Jones, Tom Kempinski, Robert Langdon Lloyd and Pauline Munro. The movie is a surreel murder-story filmed in black and white and it only runs for 55 minutes, but the DVD contains a lot of bonues interviews and materials. The musical score by Pink Floyd has never before been released.

Classic Albums: The Dark Side of the Moon
Classic Albums: The Dark Side of the Moon

Documentary about the making of the classic album.

David Gilmour in Concert
David Gilmour in Concert (2002)

Live concert with David Gilmour. Released on VHS and a DVD with several bonus features.

David Gilmour - Remember That Night
David Gilmour – Remember That Night (2007)

Live concert with David Gilmour. Released on 2-disc DVD with several bonus features.

Delicate Sound of Thunder
Delicate Sound of Thunder (1989)

Pink Floyd live concert video from the Momentary Lapse Of Reason Tour. Video-version of ‘Delicate Sound Of Thunder’. Released June 5, 1989.

Les Paul & Friends: He Changed The Music
Les Paul & Friends: He Changed The Music (1988)

Music video with “Les Paul and friends” including guitarist Eddie Van Halen and of course David Gilmour.

The History of Rock 'n' Roll, vol.8: The Seventies
The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll, vol.8: The Seventies (1995)

Produced by Quincy Jones a.o.
Including clips with Roger Waters, David Gilmour, David Bowie, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Bob Marley and many others.

Inside Pink Floyd, A critical review 1967 - 1974 / 1975 - 1996
Inside Pink Floyd, A critical review 1967 – 1974 / 1975 – 1996

A DVD is a review of the Pink Floyd albums with lots of rare and previously unreleased material from live and studio performances with the band.

In The Flesh
In The Flesh (2001)

Live concert with Roger Waters. Released on VHS and a DVD with several bonus features.

Guitar Method: In the Style of Pink Floyd
Guitar Method: In the Style of Pink Floyd (1997)

Unknown content.
Published by Music Video Products, INC.

The Italian Job
The Italian Job (2003)

The new version of the gangster movie “the Italian Job” features a coverversion of ‘Money’ on the soundtrack. Scott Weiland, Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum (x-members of Guns N’Roses) has teamed up in a band called Velvet Revolver and recorded a coverversion of Pink Floyd’s Money. The song is not included on the CD release of the soundtrack, but can be heard in the film.

Knebworth '90 - The Event (vol. 3)
Knebworth ’90 – The Event (vol. 3) (1990)

Video from the Knebworth concert. Pink Floyd is on volume 3.

La Carrera Panamericana
La Carrera Panamericana (1992)

Documentary film with music by Pink Floyd.
Original film shown on BBC, December 1991. Edited video released April 13, 1992.

The Legend of 1900
The Legend of 1900 (1999)

Film starring Tim Roth and directed by Italian director Guiseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso).
Roger Waters CO-wrote the song ‘Lost Boys Calling’ with Italian composer Ennio Morricone. The song is produced by Patrick Leonard and is included on the soundtrack. Guitar by Eddie Van Halen. The Italian and the US version of the film has different versions of the song. The biggest difference is the guitar solo. The US soundtrack is released from Sony Classical and a promotion CD including ‘Lost Boys Calling’ has also been distributed. Roger Waters has released the track on the album Flickering Flame.

The Limey
The Limey (1999)

Entertaining movie with a small Pink Floyd reference. Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Wilson (Terence Stamp) is released from prison after robbing the profit from a Pink Floyd concert.

Live 8
Live 8 (2005)

4 disc DVD set including the full performance from Pink Floyd with Roger Waters.

London '66-'67
London ’66-’67 (1967)

30 rare minutes of footage from UFO club, London. recorded in 66-67 and released on DVD in 2005.

More (1969)

Directed by Barbet Schroeder
Script by Paul Gegauff and Barbet Schoeder
Cinemaphotographer – Nestor Almendros
Produced by Dave Lewis. Jet Films.
With Michel Chanderli, Heinz Engelmann, Mimsy Farmer, Klaus Grunberg, Gorges Montant, Louise Wenk, Henry Wolf
Music by Pink Floyd. Soundtrack: ‘More’.

The Last Mimzy
The Last Mimzy (2007)

The Roger Waters song “Hello, I Love You” is played as the credits roll. One of the characters is also wearing a “Dark Side of the Moon” shirt.

Paul McCartney Live at the Cavern
Paul McCartney Live at the Cavern (1999)

Concert video from the famous performance with David Gilmour, Ian Paice, Mick Green and Pete Wingfield.

Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii
Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii (1972)

Pink Floyd concert recorded in the ruins of Pompeii, Italy.

Cinema premiere September 1972.
Release on DVD in October 2003.

Pink Floyd - The Wall
Pink Floyd – The Wall (1979)

Alan Parkers film from Roger Waters screenplay based on the album ‘The Wall’.

Production start: September 7, 1981.
Worldpremiere: London July 14, 1982.

Psychomania - Psychedelic Rock
Psychomania – Psychedelic Rock (1995)

14 videos with different rock bands from Magnum Music. Including Pink Floyd, Cream, David Bowie, Hendrix, Soft Machine, Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, Steve Miller Band and more.


Pulse” Pink Floyd Live video recorded at Earls Court, London on October 20, 1994.

RADIO K.A.O.S. (1988)

Roger Waters video-ep from Radio K.A.O.S. Released 1988.

SF Sorrow at Abbey Road
SF Sorrow at Abbey Road (1998)

DVD with David Gilmour & The Pretty Things. Pretty Things’ 1967 rock opera was re-recorded in 1998 featuring David Gilmour on guitar. The recording SF Sorrow at Abbey Road featuring David Gilmour is available on DVD with interviews and other extra material.

Syd's First Trip
Syd’s First Trip (1993)

UFO/Vex Films
Limited edition video with different poor quality ‘home movie’ recordings from the early days of Barrett and Pink Floyd showing Syd taking mushrooms – and the band after signing their first contract. No sound.

La Vallee / The Valley
La Vallee / The Valley (1972)

Directed by Barbet Schroeder.
Story by Paul Geauff and Barbet Schroeder.
Photography Nestor Almendros
Movie with Bulle Ogier, Jean Pierre Kalfon, Michael Gothard, Jereme Beauvarlet, Monique Giraudy and Valerie Lagrange.
Produced by Les Films de Losange.
Soundtrack by Pink Floyd: ‘Obscured By Clouds’.

Story about a young woman on an expedition to a hidden valley in New Guinea.

The Wall - Live in Berlin
The Wall – Live in Berlin (1990)

Roger Waters live perfomance on video and DVD. A special edition DVD was released October 2004.

Tonite Let's All Make Love in London
Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London (1967)

Directed by Peter Whitehead.
Assistant directors: John Esam & Anthony Stern
Documentary on ‘swinging London’ with music by Pink Floyd and others. Soundtrack: ‘Tonite Let’s All Make Love In London’.
With: Small Faces, Allen Ginsberg, Mick Jagger, Michael Caine, David Hockney and Julie Christie, Alan Aldridge, Eric Burdon, Donyale Luna, Lee Marvin, Edna O’Brien, Andrew Loog Oldham, Vanessa Redgrave.

See also the DVD London 66/67 which contains the Pink Floyd clips.

When the Wind Blows
When the Wind Blows (1986)

Directed by Jimmy T. Murakami
Animated movie about the nuclear treat, based on Raymond Brigg’s comic from 1982.
Executive producer: Iain Harvey
Produced by John Coates
Voices: Peggy Ashcroft, John Mills
Soundtrack by Roger Waters: ‘When The Wind Blows’.

White of the Eye
White of the Eye (1987)

Thriller directed by Donald Cammell
Script Donald and China Cammell based on Margaret Tracy’s novel ‘Mrs. White’.
With David Keith, Cathy Moriarty, Art Evans, China Cammell, David Chow, Art J. Evans, Michael Greene, Dano Gurowich, Alan Rosenberg, Alberta Watson, and Mark Hayashi
Cinematography by Larry McConkey
Edited by Terry Rawlings
Produced by Sue Baden-Powell, Cassian Elwes, Elliot Kastner, Brad Wyman
Soundtrack by Nick Mason and Rick Fenn (Soundtrack is not released).

Zabriskie Point
Zabriskie Point (1969)

Film with soundtrack by Pink Floyd.

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