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Hi I'm Newton...
Hi, my name is Federico, I'm 17, and I'm from Rosario, Argentina. I am in this forum, because of two reasons: - first of all, I am a great fan of Pink Floyd, i love this band, and the other reason is that I'm learning English, since then a forum where people speaks English helps me to practice during my spare times in the computer...

So forgive me if I don't talk english very good or if I do a spelling mistake, or something like that.


federico (You can call me fede, is my nickname)
Hello to anyone new. I hope you enjoy our forum. Biggrin rocker
Welcome everyone!

I would have made my joining post here...but it was closed last time so...
Welcome to pfo new members! Take a minute to check out the rules of posting and enjoy the forum!

Hi, I'm Aubrey, I'm 14, and I'm from Huntington Beach, California. I love the Floyd and have been a huge fan of them for about a year... I'm nearing complete obsession by now. I hope to see some genuine Floyd fans who also understand my obsession. :)

My fav. song is Echoes, and I can't pick my favorite album cause it changes depending on the mood.

Love from,
The Piper
Nice to meet you, Aubrey. I'm Brad, 13 years old and also an avid fan of the Floyd.

Enjoy your time on the forums, there's so many nice people here.

Hi, I'm new. :)

I'm a Pink Floyd fan within the deepest of my soul. Hope I'll have a good time on this forum. :p
Welcome new members! Enjoy pfo, it's a great bunch of posters, they don't bite......much.
Hey, I'm Mariano.. I'm 19 years old. I'm doing this cause when i joined the forum i never really got a proper greeting haha

Anyway, some of you already know me and love me ( i know you do, dont deny it ).. haha, well that's that.. Feel free to talk to me, i dont bite.. hard.
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