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Full Version: The Trial - IS THE BEST SONG OF ALL TIME!
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methinks it true... :laugh:
no way Santa
Its a good song, not the all time best, but its in the top 10.
I disagree. "The Trial" is good, but I think Surfin' USA is the best song ever.
the trial = great song, great concept, brilliant lyrics, powerful message. still, NOT the best song ever imo. pf have a lot of other songs that could be considered the best piece of music ever written. the trial would be in my top40.
best thoughts! hammers
i say shine on you crazy diamond rocker
moved to albums
It is a good song. Not anywhere near my top fav's...but a good song nonetheless.
The Painter Piper and Prisoner Wrote:i say shine on you crazy diamond rocker
I disagree with the song, but the album is their finest :D
My favorite Floyd Song has to be.......................................
*Drum Roll*
Probably WYWH just cause that was the one that got me hooked.
The Trial is awesome!!

2. favourite from the wall
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