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Full Version: Post a Funny Floyd Picture Thread
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Let's see what you've got!

[Image: 4709394963_3f915bf89e_b.jpg]
This is hilarious, if only because of the clothes:

[Image: pink_floyd_imagen.jpg]

I mean, let's break it down. Nick is wearing a coat made out of Big Bird, Rick is wearing a shirt made out of the fabric used to upholster my grandmother's couch and both Roger and Syd are wearing clashing patterns......which is a major no-no.
Lol . I laughed for a good 5 mins over that one Electrophile
If you think that one's good, I found a couple more:

[Image: Pink_Floyd_1967.jpg]

Where to start. Nick's pants? Roger's pants? Syd's shirt? Normally Rick is the fashion victim and he looks quite good here. Nick looks so bad, it's almost like he intended to dress that way. Skinned Big Bird coat? Check. Pants that look like the couch in an old folk's home? Check. Indifferent look that screams "go on, tell me I look like crap"? Check.

[Image: Pink+Floyd++In+Amsterdam++1967.jpg]

Ooookay. Nick still has the carcass of Big Bird with him, for reasons known only to him. You can't tell much about what Rick is wearing, although the bright orange ascot isn't that attractive. Syd looks like he took a page from the "Cheesy Photo Poses 101" book, and even is lowering his shades for added effect. He appears to be wearing purple pants and a green coat, making him look like an eggplant with legs. Then there's Roger. Poor, poor Roger. He looks like one of the 3 Musketeers' gay cousin named Arnold who always wants to tag along but is too slow to keep up. He's wearing a cape.....and I don't know why. It doesn't look cold outside, otherwise Nick would be wearing the skin of dead Big Bird.

What the hell was wrong with them?
Found another one:

[Image: Floyd1967aMiles.jpg]

Let's go from left to right, shall we? Syd is wearing clashing stripes, which is a major fashion faux-pas. He should have gone with plain black trousers or kept the pants and gone with a plain white shirt. Of all four of them, he normally appeared decently attired. Rick looks fine, which is a shock because the guy was attractive but couldn't put clothes on to save his ass. Some of those sweaters he was known for were downright hideous. Roger......ummmm.....what? It looks like a mannequin made to look like Roger was propped up because the real one was off taking a leak or something. That is another page from the "Cheesy Photo Poses 101" book, though. The "stare off into the distance with an indifferent, yet serene look" has been done a thousand times. Nick......dear God. First he killed Big Bird and wore his carcass like a trophy, now he apparently killed Snuffleupagus too. WHAT MORE OF MY CHILDHOOD WILL YOU SLAUGHTER, MR. MASON?!
[Image: 1967-10.jpg]

Quick.....look at this picture and then tell me who in the band took too much LSD. Bet you'll never guess.
[Image: 4711991753_4f216af9e1.jpg]

[Image: 4711994173_2c072422ee.jpg]

[Image: 4712635078_5a974391db.jpg]
They say that if you remember the 60's you weren't really there. Clothes wise, I'm glad I was born in the 70's
[Image: 4712822104_63f3c9bc01.jpg]
[Image: 4712891516_201bdf9463_b.jpg]
[Image: 4712250201_3a802eed2f.jpg]
I like that top picture, actually. In the bottom pic, you can truly see the hideousness of Rick's fashion sense at the time. Shiny silver pants?
And what's wrong with shiny silver pants? Tongue
(06-20-2010 06:14 AM)Floydy Wrote: [ -> ]And what's wrong with shiny silver pants? Tongue

[Image: 4637304832_7d8fe282b6_o.gif]
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