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Full Version: Album Rankings - How do you rank Floyd?
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1. Animals - This is what got me into Pink Floyd
2. Wish You Were Here - This helped with my interest in PF
3. Dark Side of the Moon - a masterpiece
4. The Wall - One of My Turns and Is There Anybody Out There? are just spectacular
5. Meddle - This one was tough, it is about even with #6
6. The Final Cut - Great lyrics, some overlooked great Gilmour solo's aswell
7. The Division Bell - Great solo's, and music in general, but it lacks the driving PF force of Roger Waters

I`m sure that Obscured by Clouds will be above DSotM when i get it, just from some of the songs i have heard from it. And A Momentary Lapse of Reason will probably be pretty low
dark side
atom heart mother
momentery lapse in reason
I think buying Momentary Lapse Of Reason requires one to have a momentary lapse of reason in their head at the time.
buying More means u should get out MORE
buying Obscured by Clouds means ur tastes got obscured
Buying Ummagumma means ulll always have a useless green box which doesn't fit into ur record collection but never gets played
T3@rD0wnTh3Wa11 Wrote:my top three favorites...

1. The Wall--The only albumb out of each and every one I've ever heard from ANY band that I can listen to allll the way through without even considering skipping a song (I LOVE The Trial)
2. Dark Side of the Moon--Most Gorgeous albumb I've heard...Very well written
3. Wish you were Here--Just plain to just sit back and relax to..especially Shine on You Crazy Diamond..damn good song
Hey! Finally, I found a post from someone else praising "The Trial". Not only is that track loads of fun, but it is also the defining climactic point in The Wall. It's a reflection where all the old memories come to life. And yes, "The Trial" is the source of my signature.

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it's a good piis take of Andrew Lloyd Webber'(s awful stuff goes on for years and years and years...)
Dark Side of the Moon
The Division Bell
The Wall
Here is the list of my favourite albums without compilations and live records. Nevertheless, this list is subject to change along with my mood.

1. The Wall
2. The Dark Side Of The Moon
3. Wish You Were Here
4. The Division Bell
5. The Final Cut
6. Animals
7. A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
8. Obscured By Clouds
9. Meddle
10. Atom Heart Mother
11. A Saucerful Of Secrets
12. The Piper At The Gates Of The Dawn
13. More
14. Ummagumma

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First, my list (these are my favorites, not the best albums they made,but my faavorites):

1. Obscured by Clouds - (Do not try to tell me The Gold it in The... is not the best rock song ever)
2. Dark Side - (Leaves me speechless every time)
3. Meddle - (A true masterpeice, lots of experimentation and awsome sounds)
4. Animals - (I love albums with some sort of political and/or social critique, great concept)
5. Wish You were here - (Sometimes its to sad, a lot of dark energy (have a cigar))
6. The Wall - (Another masterpeice, a lot of repetition in both the music and the lyrics, a bit of unneccessary filler, the movie is more enjoyble, but the album is still spectacular)
7. Atom Heart Mother (Weird, and I like it)
All the other stuff
Last Place. The Final Cut - (I don't understand the obsession of everyone on this site with the FC. Its a lot of crap that didn't make it on the Wall with Roger whinning about war and society again, and again. Its pretty much Disc 3 of the Wall. Two sons in the sunset is a nice ending and The Final Cut has a nice solo and sound. Roger's voice is pretty annoyiing by this point, but nowhere near as bad as on his tours in the 90's

More would be high on the list if I listened to it more. A lot of the post Waters stuff sounds like porno beats (a product of 80's culture). Syd's stuff is very repetitive and weird, although there are some great songs. His solo albums may have been better than Piper, but Piper is pretty fun.

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my top 5:

1. Wish You Were Here
2. Dark Side of the Moon
3. Meddle
4. The Wall
5. Animals
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