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Full Version: Les Paul's - Overreated?
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lots of famous rockers / guitarists have a big liking for lespauls. at some point could they be overrated and liked for looks or are they really as good as there worth and liked for?
All personal taste, but I don`t think they`re overrated. The sound they produce is superb.
- Joe Perry agrees with me. rocker
Yay for Joe Perry
finally someone to appreciate him..
anywho i guess your right. personal taste would be it but ive just never had time to really hear them by myself
They produce a nice fat sound - perfect for rock, I`d say. More so than maybe a Fender Stratocaster.
Alex Lifeson has said (although he uses loads of different guitars nowadays) that Les Pauls still have the edge over all the other newer guitars he owns (soundwise, at least), - I know you`re a RUSH fan too S.H.E.E.P.
Are Les Pauls good starter guitars? My daughters father offered to buy her one but she turned him down.
there really friggen expensive!!
and a lot of the pros use them so its probaly not the best starter.
maybe a strat rep is the best to start off with or whichever rep.
but then again there is no real starter guitar i mean i would have wanted to start out on a les paul
Well, she doesn't want a Fender either. She would like a Gibson but they are expensive. What do you mean by rep? Could you please explain?
wiez Wrote:Are Les Pauls good starter guitars? My daughters father offered to buy her one but she turned him down.
She should have accepted - as they`re quite expensive.
But they are very heavy (in weight, I mean) - so that could be a problem-(depending on how strong your daughter is).
-Fenders are a lot lighter.
Again, all personal taste.
i mean a replica like a stratocaster replica (copy)
you know?
anyway like i said there isnt really a starter guitar . whatever she likes is what she should get or whatever feels the best
She wants a Gibson? How about a "semi-solid" one?
It would be lighter than a Les Paul, plus it would sound better
un-amplified too (being hollow).
Maybe a Gibson ES-335? (as used by Chuck Berry, B.B.King, Eric Clapton, amongst others) - with the "f"-holes .

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