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Full Version: your guitars - what guitars do you have
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so what guitars do you have? i don't own any of the guitars i play so i just bum them off of friends until i get my own. right now i've got a Johnson acoustic, my friends squier strat.
ive got a 94 mexican tele (tabaco burst) and a Jay Turser acoustic (black)
'57 American Vintage Reissue Strat.
and a squire tele.

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i have a
westfield strat
fender telecaster
ridgewood l400
1960s gibson epiphone
santa ana semi acoustic
hono acoustic
yamaha acousitc
fender stratocaster

and a peavey milestone 3 bass
i have a

Peavey Millenium BXP
Lyle Gibson copy i obught at a pawn shop for eighties dollars

and one guitar

a Bentley Gibson copy i stole from my brother.
i got a crappy old
belray classic acoustic
Gibson Les Paul (Custom-Cherry Sunburst). Early `90`s Serial No.92880347
Martin D28 Acoustic - Jimmy Page used this from Zep IV onwards - when I play Stairway, it`s like he`s in the room with me.
The above are my most prized possessions.

Yamaha CPX8-12 (electro-acoustic 12-string) - a jangle to savour.
Yamaha FPX-300N (electro-nylon) - for those classical moods.
Washburn D-11 TR (acoustic) - a "strummer", with a brighter sound than the Martin, but only a fraction of the quality.
Fender Jazz Bass (Mexican though, not U.S.A.- but still good quality) - Arctic White - nice!!
Yamaha PSR-630 (Keyboard/Synthesizer) - the Hammond organ sound is my fave on this, although the piano is particularly authentic.

Other paraphernalia:

Marshall JCM900 (100watt Hi-Gain Dual Reverb Amplifier + separate cabinet) - superb, but must sell - it`s way too big for my needs. It goes to "11", but "3" is enough to piss the neighbours.
Fender Bullet 15 - nice little 15 watt practice amp.
Marshall Valvestate 20 (watt) - Despite the name, one of Marshall`s "solid-state" range.
AER Compact 60 (twin-channel acoustic amplifier) - expensive, but very good...German technology.
Yamaha AWG16G - 16 Track Digital recording.
Line 6`s PODXT - Various amp models & effects, all in one kidney-shaped box.
Shure SM57 & SM58 - microphones.
2 Alesis Recording Monitors - Stereo left & right.

Plus various guitar sound-modifying boxes/devices, & that`s about it...God knows what`s in the loft, though. :music:
i have a Telecaster
i need more money for guitars... :D i discovered that i'm not to good playing acoustic. i'm having trouble playing the basic hey you riff. i used to know how to play it but now... i cannot
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