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Full Version: Your favourite City.
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Toronto is really cool; so is London. As for the US, my favorite overnights as a flight attendant have been: St Louis, Atlanta (Phatlanta), Kansas City, and St Paul. But, the best city, without contest, HAS to be NYC. No contest. :D
I'd have to say least, from what little time I've spent there. I really hope it's great, anyway, since I'll be living there for at least the next year of my life. I also dig Charlestown, Virginia. Quaint little city, nice downtown with good Italian food.
Is Denver Colarado a nice place to visit? my mum has always been a big fan of John Denver and she said it was one place in the US she would like to see.
I'm going to be very unadventurous and say London.

I'm only about 45 minutes away from it on the train but I love it! Especially the markets in Camden, they're amazing.
My eldest son always goes to camden, I think he likes the clothes Cool
only floyd Wrote:My eldest son always goes to camden, I think he likes the clothes Cool
It is amazing there, scary, but still cool.

The shops will look perfectly normal upstairs and then downstairs they'll be selling weed....but I don't go down there obviously.
No wonder he comes back all joyful :;):
only floyd Wrote:No wonder he comes back all joyful :;):
lol :D
San Francisco's pretty cool, but the sheer complexity of London means it rules supreme.
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