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Anybody heard the producer maestro's latest album? David himeslf features on the first track (highly recommended) and if that isn't enough John Cleese adds some vocals on the last track. For those of you who aren't familiar with Parson's work, he used to produce for both Floyd and the Beatles and has had a highy successful solo career (Try Anything Once being my fav).
If you havn't already, give them a try.
Sounds as bad as anything else he has made. John Cleese should really retire - the vocals he did on Tubular Bells were awful, too.
A Valid Path is one of the best albums I've heard this year.

But you've gotta be into electronica a bit in order to appreciate it.
The Alan Parsons ...l have heard their Definitive Collection only once and lm hooked on wanting it...

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New one sounds better than other stuff i have heard, but sounds very dated, production-wise.

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ln what way....

l read some where that thier old style was better.....
but l dont really know too much about Alan Parsons...
lm more pink floyd....

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The keyboards and samplers sound as if they are from 1992. that a good or bad thing
A bad thing, but it sounds ok. Actually i am listening to samples from their other albums. Days are Numbers is nice in a very cheesy 80s way

Actually, listening to the iTunes samples, the keyboard sounds are quite dated, but the production is immaculate. I'm not sure if I could ever like the band, but i want to like them.

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Cool you are making me wish that l had a copy of their album but l dont......and the one that lve heard was of a friend of mine...
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