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Full Version: Dave's touring band? - Who's in it?
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I'm kind of curious as to whether anyone has heard what musicians Dave is using in his touring band. I would guess that he has probably recruited them by now... they've got to start rehearsing!
guy prat is doing bass
i dunno bout the rest
I assume that Ged Lynch will be the drummer. He was on the Video on David's website.

Ged toured with Peter Gabriel for two years on his most recent (Still) Growing Up World Tour.

He is a powerful drummer and Gabriel's whole live sound became heavier and rockier - compared to the last tour in 1993/94.

I'm really curious what style the Gilmour shows will be!
Latest info on band line up is :-
Guy Pratt - bass
Paul Wickens - keyboards
Ged Lynch - drums
Phil Manzanera - guitar - played with DG at the Strat Pack event 24th Sept 2004 , london. ( ex lead guitar - Roxy Music)

Looks a slightly "heavier" line up than the Festival Hall concert 2002.
It's looking interesting!
brain-damage is showing a long list of contributors, but it should be interesting to see who performs with him on the tour in the spring. :)
Read on Dave's site that he might try and play the sax on this tour.Poor Parry he might not get a look in.
List from brain damage web site:-

Richard Wright - keyboards
Guy Pratt - bass guitar
David Crosby - vocals
Graham Nash - vocals
Paul "Wix" Wickens - keyboards
Phil Manzanera - guitar
Ged Lynch - drums
Lucy Wakeford - harp
Caroline Dale - cello
Robert Wyatt - trumpet
Jools Holland - piano
Leszek Mozdzer - piano
Zbigniew Preisner - orchestration
Chris Stainton - keyboards
Rado (Bob) Klose - guitar

I believe DG played with Jools Holland recently. Perhaps this is a return favour !
Dave can play sax??? Even when he did his one-man-band version of "Money" on "Great Dance Songs," he left the sax playing to Parry.

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