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Full Version: RAH Photographs - Anybody got any?
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Hello all.

I went to the RAH show on the 30th and it blew my mind. The only thing is that I didn't take a camera, so I don't have any pictures. :(

If anybody else went to the 30th show, or you know anybody that did - can you please post a link here or PM me the photos that you/they took on that night. I'd appreciate that HUGELY!!

Even if people have photos to share from the 29th or 31st that'd be good too, but I'd prefer the photos for the 30th.

I have about 5 or 6 but they are all David Bowie related
Well feel free to post. That would also be great.

But as I said, I'm mostly looking for photos of the 2nd show (on the 30th).
Some off mine here, Photo's

One's from the 30th are the last ones, closer in the stalls at the RAH.

Wow, those photos are absolutely amazing. Looks like you weren't sitting too far away from me. I was on Row 8.
I was in Row 8 too ;-) Hope they bring back great memories.

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