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- dollydagger - 01-28-2006

this isn't about guitar but piano... i didn't know where else to post

does anyone have the sheet music for GGITS online?

- pinkfloydfan1 - 01-29-2006

i do on my skool acount ill have a look tomoro

- dollydagger - 01-29-2006

awesome... thanks!

- floydian72 - 01-29-2006

now you just need to find a woman to do the acutal screaming of great gig in the sky!

- pinkfloydfan1 - 01-30-2006

funny u said that btw im a 15 year old male and i can scream it which i find really odd there is only 1 note in the whole song i cant hit

- Metabog - 01-31-2006

the screaming is difficult, you will never get it right as a male, it needs a woman, man. it needs her... :music:

- Stone Magnet - 01-31-2006

You could always play the screaming part as a guitar solo instead. It wouldn't be quite the same as the original track, but it'd definitely put an innovational twist on the song.

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- Quincy - 01-31-2006

I can do most of it (a guy), but it doesn't sound anywhere as good as Clare Torry.

- pinkfloydfan1 - 02-10-2006

im afraid the site i use has dissapeared ill try n find my photocopy n send u it

RE: great gig in the sky - sheet music - nesti! - 06-02-2008

Sorry, Im new and..Italian... I didn't understand how to get "The great gig in the sky" sheet for PIANO..Help!!!