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- Jintzey - 03-21-2003

Well most of this post is regurgitation from another thread, but I thought I'd bring it up here just to get this category started off right! :)

Les Claypool & The Fearless Flying Frog Brigade do many Pink Floyd covers at their shows, most notably on the album Live Frogs Set 2 from one of their shows, where they cover Animals in its entirety. The back cover art of the Live Frogs Set 2 CD is the front cover art of PF's Animals but instead of a flying pig, there is a flying frog. (Is that why they call it "Fearless Flying Frog Brigade?") Claypool (Primus) is allegedly a big PF fan (could you tell?)

I have Live Frogs Set 2 and it is quite good and very accurate, though with the Claypool touch of course. Live Frogs Set 1 has "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" on it which is also quite good. "In the Flesh?" has been played at gigs as well. The Primus album Miscellaneous Debris includes "Have A Cigar."

Les Claypool apparently plays PF material quite often at his concerts, so if he's touring near you, I highly recommend you go see it. I also recommend the albums mentioned above. Check out tour dates at Even if they don't play Floyd the night you go, it still should be a worthy show.

I found a site with Primus bootlegs for download, including some PF covers! Here are the links and details of the shows and the PF songs you might want to download:

First off, here is the main index of the bootleg page that I get the links below from:

Les Claypool & The Fearless Flying Frog Brigade - 8/29/2000 - Live from New York City

City - New York City
Venue - Irving Plaza
Date - August 29th, 2000
Tour - Fearless Flying Frog Brigade

Set One: includes "Shine On You Crazy Diamonds"

Set Two: "Animals" in its entirety*

*This is the same set used on the "Live Frogs Set 2" album, but is NOT the same show date and is not as good quality, but you can at least get an idea of what the CD sounds like by downloading this show. The CD is from the 10/8,9/00 shows at the Great American Music Hall.

Austin, TX - February 10, 2000

City - Austin, TX
Venue - La Zona Rosa
Date - Feb. 10, 2000
Tour Ā?V Antipop

Includes "In the Flesh?"

So, has anyone been to a Claypool and/or Frog Brigade show? Tell us about it! :)

- W1P - 03-21-2003

I heard a rumour that Stone Temple Pilots played Shine On You Crazy Diamond the night Layne Staley died -- anyone have any info on this? Les Claypool is incredible -- love those basslines

- Invader_dag - 03-25-2003

Claypool is an awesome bass player, and Live Frogs Set 2 is pretty acurate. But dang, whoever sings for him needs to take some singing lessons

- UNI-Lock - 03-25-2003

Les is the man. For me, his stuff comes in right behind Floyd. Any show, whether he covers Floyd or not, should be a worthwhile experience. Not only is he an excellent and original musician, but does a good job getting the crowd into the show. Also, Claypool does most of his own vocals. He does have an unusual, nearly cartoonish, voice. In my opinion, its got a similar whiney quality to Roger's. Several of the tracks on Live Fogs-Set 2 have vocals by other Frog Brigade members, though. I guess Les' dad was quoted as saying something along the lines of "He can't sing worth a ****, but sure can slap that bass."

- Jintzey - 03-29-2003

UNI-Lock Wrote:I guess Les' dad was quoted as saying something along the lines of "He can't sing worth a ****, but sure can slap that bass."
LOL, but that was part of the whole Primus charm. :;): It just would not have been great any other way.

- Invader_dag - 03-30-2003

eh, i guess i just haven`t gotten used to his voice. I thought the stuff i heard by primus was awesome. I`ve only heard two songs though, any thing you would reccomend??

- Jintzey - 03-31-2003

By Primus or Claypool?