I love the 80's 3-D/ Pink Floyd Shirt - Pink Floyd Shirt
I don't know the name of the guy(I believe his last name is Godfrey), but he is wearing a pink floyd shirt on the newest i love the 80s series. I've never seen the shirt before, but it looks pretty cool. It just says pink floyd, but on all of the letters are album covers.
I dunno about other people, and i don't mean to offend anyone, but i strongly dislike the prism shirt that says 1973 tour under it, as if the wearer bought the shirt at the show. Idk how/why, but Target's have been selling a lot of Pink Floyd shirts recently.

Well i havent established a strong topic yet, so let's discuss favorite floyd t-shirts.

I have a sky blue shirt with the Atom Heart Mother artwork on the front. I think it's pretty sweet and i always look forward to wearing it :) .

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Yeah. I noticed that too. I was pretty amazed because he was black also. Not to be offensive or anything, but I just don't know any black Floyd fans. It's a pretty sweet shirt too. I've seen it before.

I have that same AHM shirt. I love wearing it. People never get it. They're all, "WTF?! There's a cow on your shirt. I DON'T GET IT!" Then they combust. Fun times.
I own several Floyd shirts (Dark Side and Animals with the pig on the chest) and a red Syd Barrett shirt, but I recently came upon something interesting at the local thrift shop. I was shuffling through, mostly for the amusement of knowing that people actually wore this ****. I mean this is the type of stuff you'd love wearing just because its so worn-out and cheesy (80's redneck family reunion shirts, Jesusfreak shirts, etc.). But anyways, I stumble upon a white shirt that says "Floyd Rocks!" above a picture of some old dude in a suit. No clear reference to the band, but meh, it cost only $1, so I got it anyway (along with a bright orange shirt that says "I Support Walmart Workers' Right To Organize"). I still have yet to discover the actual meaning behind it, but I guess its the message that counts, eh? :;):
I though that that dude was wearing a Pink Floyd shirt, but I couldn't tell because I only watched a brief part. That's awesome!
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Yes I have seen this shirt on I love the 80's, and I would love to have it also....I currently own around 10 Pink Floyd shirts including my Prize Possesion of shirts a 1973 tour shirt (Not one of the Reprints that you see everyone wearing) This one is Vintage.....Own by yes My Mother...It doesnt fit but yes I have it Framed. rocker
LOL, I just noticed the shirt, to kewl, have to wonder if it's cause it's kewl or he likes them though....I imagine alot of new fans, since Live 8 have prolly bought shirts, anyone heard if revenue on things like that have gone up, I know LP sales have, just curious
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i missed 1982 - 3d did they mention the wall
I have that shirt. I looked at him and yelled "GODFREY STOLE MY SHIRT!!!"

I *heart* my shirt.
Woof Oink Baaa Wrote:Yeah. I noticed that too. I was pretty amazed because he was black also. Not to be offensive or anything, but I just don't know any black Floyd fans. It's a pretty sweet shirt too. I've seen it before.
Exactly what I said! BTW, I love watching those shows on VH1, they're hilarious. :D
I was wondering if anybody else saw that! That's a really cool shirt. I want it. :(

By the way, they also played "Money" in the background, when they were discussing The Queen Of Mean-Leona Helmsley. :D
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