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I'm pretty disgusted with some popular threads being closed in Outside The Wall, most notably The Notebook. I'd like to make a suggestion since you're closing alot of these threads due to, "bandwith issues."

How about an archives page? I mean, do REALLY need threads that are over a year old? A ton of members that posted alot had images in their signatures and a few with animated gifs. Now that's a complete waste of bandwith. Also, not EVERY member has to have an avatar. How about we just give avatars to people who post alot? Let's say...500 posts?

I'd really like it if a mod could respond to this.

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OK, simple answer, you want an archives page, start your own site and it will be hosted there. I'm sorry to be rude but as I have stated before I am fed up with the complaints, if a topic is closed it is for a good reason, simply put, in one way or another we felt it was either against the rules or simply inappropriate
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