Best Front Cover? - The best PF album front covers and why
Which of the many great works of art on the front of PF's albums do people like most and why?
well - a few
Pulse, Momentary Lapse and the division bell all seem to say reflect the 'out there' music inside
i meant delicate sound, not momentary lapse
Division Bell: surely one of the great covers ever. The overall packaging is great with top art work throughout the booklet and the braille moulded into the side of the CD jewel case. Does the braille say "Pink Floyd"? Anyone know what it says?
i'm, guessing : yes
yes - just checked the alphabet on a web site
You really looked up the braille and it really reads "Pink Floyd" on the Division Bell? Isn't braille quite complicated?
i'm not blind, so i'm not an expert - but the whole point is that it's simple - simplified versions of each letter
Division Bell is the one CD I would hate to have to replace the jewel case for in the event of damage/wear and tear because there is no way one cold get one with the unique braille design and whatever that other symbol is moulded onto the plastic stripe down the left-hand side. What is that part of a CD case called, by the way?
the bit of plastic at the side

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