Live in Gdańsk
Oh, bummer! I forgot Comfy... I think that solo is actually better than Pulse. The DSOT version is better than Pulse too.
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Oooh, I don't know about that. The full unedited solo from the PULSE concert is about 1:15 longer than what we normally see, so there's a lot more awesomeness that goes unnoticed. The DSOT solo is epic no doubt, but I think the PULSE version beats it by a mile. When that mirror ball opens up and he starts doing that divebombing sound on the Strat......that's quite literally the most epic PF moment ever.
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Well, DSOT was my first PF love. I bought it when it was fairly new and played it all the time as a teen. So it will always be special to me. :-)
Cabbage is a vegetable.

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