Currently listening to, vol. 2
So Happy I Could Die - Lady GaGa
The Beatles - Dear Prudence
Pink Floyd - What Do You Want From Me
The Beatles - Long, Long, Long
Pink Floyd - Wearing The Inside Out
song - whatever brad's decided to call his band.

also eww division bell.
Sunday Girl - Blondie
Come and join us at and continue the PFO legacy.
Empty Spaces/What Shall We Do Now? (Live) - Pink Floyd
[Image: 4712822104_63f3c9bc01.jpg]

Oasis - Don't look back in anger

p.s.: Pig (The third one), great sig and avatar! Love it very much, my favourite Rick photos!
[Image: pf6gp9.jpg]

Days and the fame are short, and memory is everlasting... Here I am:
Bargain... the Who
Any Colour of Floyd (Pink Floyd Tribute)


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