Is this a friendly forum? (new member)
Hi guys. New member here -

I was wondering if this was a friendly forum? I belong to another PF forum and it's not so friendly. It's pretty negative. I'd like to try this one out and talk Pink Floyd with people who are a little more "relaxed".


I like to think we are... welcome..
I'd say so. Of course, you won't know until you jump in and get your feet wet. Welcome.
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This is a very friendly forum. There are rules for posting that prevent trolling and offensive behavior. You'll surely run across strong opinions and disagreements at times, it's a forum after all, but we try our best to keep it friendly and clean. I hope you enjoy yourself here!

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unless your a toronto maple leafs fan im sure me and you will get along :) yeah everyone is friendly here! welcome aboard
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Hey nice to meet you :) and you can trust us when we say we're friendly people. Hope you enjoy yourself and welcome! Happy
Hi Boulder- you'll find the members here to be very friendly and knowledgeable. Also, the mods do a great job of keeping things fair and in order.
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Thx folks. The reason I ask is because I belong to another PF forum where there's just bickering all the time, and one of the mods is a little angry.
If anything we're too friendly . . .
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