Rare Beauties picture disc
I am wondering about an item i recently came across. It is a Pink Floyd LP titled "Rare Beauties". I have seen quite a few of these on the internet but i cant seem to find any proof of authenticity. Are these in fact an official release or is this just a bootleg?
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It's quite obviously a bootleg.
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I've seen these sell for as much as $150 USD. What would make them worth that much to a collector if they aren't an official release? Any info from anyone on these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much
Selling ROIO's is illegal period. They are all freely available for trade among collectors and should never be sold. As to why anyone would pay for something they can get for free I have no idea, strikes me as the ultimate in stupidity.
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Yes is suppose you are right. It doesn't quite make sense why someone would pay such a high price (if any at all) for something that's fake. Most likely they aren't aware its a bootleg. Thanks for the reply.

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