This was posted on the acoustic sound website.
Stunt or Fact?
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Nobody lives forever
I just watched this yesterday. This is a real video that explains Rick's "missing piano" part in Shine on. Its an intersting story..............
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I fond it interesting.

What are those speakers that Mark Knopfler has that James likes so much. I can't see them well enough to work out what they are.
How did MN studio compare with the Astoria?

When did Rick record the missing Piano, was it when he was unwell?

Nick's statement at the end is an interesting one. I don't think I've heard studio quality sound and I DON'T have an I-pod. Is Nick saying (typing) that studio quality sound is 5:1?

I will need to invest in a 5:1 set-up one down.
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Nobody lives forever

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