Has anyone heard the sacd version of the dark side of the moon. it has blueish cover. whats the sound difference.
I've herd it once, it is not TOO MUCH diffrent however, some changes.
I have this, but use it as a CD, not SACD. All the effects, like the speaking bits and sound effects have been brought higher in the mix. I'm not too sure about it, but it sounds better than the original CD.
Agree with wowser, the mix is cleaner , less muddy.... worth getting...
Jfloydian Wrote:I've herd it once, it is not TOO MUCH diffrent however, some changes.
ya,true....DSOTM sacd aint too much different than to the original version.
some sounds are rotating nicely in my 5.1 hometheatre-system,but thats actually all...... :music:
So, how is it on the surround sound? is it reall good, or just ok?
It sounds really good with the surround sound, it pans all around.
I'm sure you've all noticed that one the stereo mix, all the track markings are about 5 seconds early.
I think it sounds MUCH better. I mean, if youĀ´re into details, like little bells and such.
This is to anybody who has the DSOTM HYBRID SACD or to anybody who might know...

On the actual CD (the physical CD) is there a mention that it is an SACD? Does it have some sort of logo or anything to say that that disc is actually an SACD? I would like to know what the difference is between the different versions of the album ie what is different between the DSOTM CD and the DSOTM SACD. Alternatively if anybody could provide an image of the actual CD (not CD case) it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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