Gilmour on Atom Heart Mother
good lp - not sure about the guitar parts...
The subtleties of PF is one of the things about them I like best.
If you've studied your Floyd properly, you'd know that pigs could fly. -- Les Claypool
~ Pigs HAVE Flown ~
Jintzey understands the point of listening to all the PF albums, it seems: the subtle aspects of them.
we all do
I'm not sure that absolutely everyone on the forum does, judging by the horrendous nature of some of the posts. At least there are a few of us who can actual talk about the band's music and so make this forum worthwhile.
i think i had a few banned
Yes, Jintzey removed a few of yours, but was more interested I think in removing some of Freddie's, which she said were just nothing but deliberately offensive and pointless. I don't known specifically which posts or on which threads any removal took place. It happened while I was asleep last night so far as I know.

Freddie increasingly gives the forum a bad name.
yeah - maybe mine was a wee bit crude. don't see too much offensive about freddie's posts. they all seem pretty relevent ;)
Relevant if this was a "pick on simps and Jintzey" forum, but as it is a Pink Floyd forum they are surplus to requirements. He hasn't mentioned Floyd in ages, and said himself that he can't be bothered to discuss them any more, instead preferring to use the forum for abusiveness.
protect the domocracy!

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