HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!! - Time to shout out fur David's B-Day
I'd like to say a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to David!!!
Have a GREAT DAY !!!

D.O.B. Mar 5/1947

HAPPY B-Day Mr. Gilmour...even though it is 4 days away.
Even though you prob. won't see this happy birthday to Mr. David (greatest guitar player in the world) Gilmour. :O
American by birth, Floydian by obsession.

The_Madcap Wrote:HAPPY B-Day Mr. Gilmour...even though it is 4 days away.
I always miss each members birthday somehow, so I like the 4 days early reminder! :D
completely random.....but isn't Roger Daltrey's birthday today? Happy 61st birthday Roger!
Yeehaw for Dave- born in March just like me!!!! Happy 58th birthday in four days Dave!

aweosme i didint know it was this month
It figures my two favorite men in rock were born around the same time. Cool

Happy Birthday, jolly happy one!
David Rules!!!

Happy B-Day!
His birthday is actually March 6 (easy to remember if you consider that Syd's birthday is January 6, and Roger's is September 6!), and he was born in 1946, not '47. Sorry to be a smartass, but there you go.

Happy birthday, Dave!
If it ain't dirty, don't clean it.
59 years old! Ah! Happy B-Day Dave! I knew his birthday was coming up cuz he's March like me. Pices.

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