Roger Waters Online and Pink Floyd Online unite - Win the Pink Floyd Wall figurines boxset
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<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>Roger Waters Online and Pink Floyd Online unite</span>

I'm pleased to announce Roger Waters Online and Pink Floyd Online have joined forces! (united, merged, teamed up... if you will...) :)

Roger Waters Online ( is the premier site on the web for Roger Waters related news and info, and we are teaming up to bring a more complete service to Pink Floyd and Roger Waters fans alike.

Both websites will continue as they have before but will support each other, when needed.

More info can be found on our new sister site: at this link.

To start things right off with a bang, I'd like to inform of something I think it's safe to say both Roger Waters and Pink Floyd fans might be interested in:

A competition to win the entire Pink Floyd wall figurines box set, signed by Gerald Scarfe.

The contest is being hosted on the Roger Waters Online site, and you can find more info on how to enter by going to or directly to it via this link.


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