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ambassador of MOURNING?
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RE: ambassador of MOURNING?
Jeff 2008 Wrote:Not too many things in life that is certain , death and taxes , or so they say . I suppose that the older you get , the more , if not comfortable , then the less fear there is surrounding the idea of death , taxes , however , i do not think I'll ever get used to . Life , by it's very nature , is transitory , we touch each other only for a brief period of time , and we move on . Nothing ever stays exactly the same , not even ourselves , we are in a constant state of change and we don't even realize it , at the time . Rick's death was sudden and shocking , but also , inevitable , we still got his music and memories . I take a measure of comfort in that .

so true... lyrics that come to mind "childhoods end your fantasises, merged with harsh realities."
in the big picture, of this cosmos and precious earth, rick's death meant very little if anything, and i know there are huge things out there to contemplate. but at the same time, he did affect our humble little lives, and that must also be dealth with. but like you say, either way it was inevitable, and even for those it did affect, we always have the music to enjoy. The only reason we had any sadness was because he brought us joy initially, and sadness is the price we pay for it - a fair go really!
12-03-2008 04:38 PM
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