Roger Waters: "I have no wish to reunite Pink Floyd."
You don't like him now and prefer him when he was younger..........when he was 10x worse (attitude-wise) than he is now? That makes no sense.
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(05-30-2011, 08:37 AM)Joe Wrote: Let alone the whole "I have no wish to reunite Pink Floyd" thing. It's all stacking up to me, he's being egocentric, he's saying he has no wish to reunite Pink Floyd when he doesn't even have the power to...I've been watching many of his interviews, and they're quite annoying. He keeps picking on Nick the entire time. He's just an ass. I liked him when he was young.

he was far worse than he was young dude. if hes such an asshole then why did play with pink floyd in live 8 for charity, i mean he didnt have to do that and he didnt earn crap for doing it either(not to mension how he played with gilmour for the hoping foundation.).
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Roger is not being an egocentric ass this time. He's ending speculation, which is a good thing.
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Have you guys seen his interviews about Nick? He kicked Rick out of the band!
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We know that. What does that have to do with the person he is now? It happened 32 years ago. If by the time Rick died, he and Roger had made their peace, there's no reason for anyone else to still have a bug up their butt about it.

Furthermore, what interviews about Nick are you even talking about? I read Brain Damage pretty much daily, and I haven't seen an interview with him yet where he's sh!tting on the guy, or for that matter even talking about him. At the O2, he seemed damn-near overcome that he and David were even standing on the same stage as him. That doesn't read like a person who for all intents and purposes, still hates them, or even one of them.

So I'd really like some backup for what you're saying.
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(05-30-2011, 10:05 AM)Joe Wrote: Have you guys seen his interviews about Nick? He kicked Rick out of the band!

He did. Thirty years ago. When he was younger. That doesn't make him an asshole now, does it?
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He's not an asshole, he's an ass.
Just skip to 2:50
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You're being utterly and completely unreasonable. I don't know if he kicked your dog, spit on you or what, but this grudge you have against him for I don't know what reason is just......I don't know.

I watched the bit you're talking about.....what are we supposed to take away from it? He said they were friends and had recently reconciled and become friends again. He didn't say anything insulting.

I'm not even Roger's biggest fan musically and I wouldn't go nearly as far over the line as you've gone. My word.
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Roger Waters did not kick my dog.

He said Nick never contributed to anything. He also said Nick is not in a position to talk about inspiration. He also said that after Syd left, everybody except for Nick "obviously" were trying to write new songs.
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Well, in a completely literal sense, Nick didn't contribute anything -- he has no writing credits, save songs where all four of them were credited, and then Speak To Me from TDSOTM. I would surmise, seeing as Roger plainly said they were friends, that he wasn't attempting to be insulting or denigrate the role he had in the band. Nick contributed a lot as a musician in terms of his drumming on their songs, but I don't think that's the kind of "contribution" Roger was asked about or was talking about. As to his second point, Nick DIDN'T write any songs after Syd left. That's fact. He's said before more than a few times that he was never a writer, and left that up to other more capable people. You know, like David, Roger, and Rick.

I think you're at the point now where you're just so blinded by your dislike for the guy, you're taking anything he says and then attributing it to malice.
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