Meaning of the Criss Cross Hammers - The Wall Movie
Hello guys. Im just curious to hear the opinions of others on what Roger was going for having the criss cross hammers as such a big part of the movie "Pink Floyd- The Wall." A friend and I have concluded that its not the symbol itself that is supposed to mean something, but the gathering of the group which it represents. I was just wondering if there are any hidden meanings or reasons for it.

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hammers hammers hammers hammers hammers
the hammers are a symbol of the nazi`s marching.
a kind of parody cause instead of nazi soldiers they used hammers, what often happends when you hammer something?it gets destroyed.
and you hear people screaming: HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER.
it`s a symbolism of nazi germany.

a kind of methaphor for the nazis only did one thing: destroyed

in the wall shows they had a big inflateble pig with the hammers sign on which means: facists were pigs

roger was pretty much of a socialist, even though he had alot of money his meanings was on the socialist side of things probaly still is, there are alot of socialist statement in his lyrics
I think the hammers symbolize the way Pink suppresses all his real feelings and the feelings of his followers, to make a soulless force to rule the world. Or something. :Oo:
First off, before Pink Floyd even, hammers have always been a symbol of fascism.
Also the nazis marched with their legs straight just like the way the hammers looked.
Pinks teacher is also represented by a hemmer and is the start of Fascist ideals to Pink.
Also the criss cross of the hammer looks alot like a swastika to me. using red white and black colors also.

The whole end of the movie is a parody personality of hitler and nazis. I wonder if roger waters is as manic depressive as Hitler? What scared me about this movie was the possibility that seceretly Pink Floyd supported hatred and nazism

The funniest scene is in the special features of the Wall DVD when a couriagrapher is teaching a group of extras to dance like nazis.
hammers hammers hammers hammers Angry
Yeah when i saw the movie and the crowd started breaking out into robotic arm motions or the dance, i started cracking up. For some reason i found that entertaining. Perhaps im just a wierdo....

well if your a weirdo i am too but I think it is normal to find a nazi song and dance number halarious :laugh:
I think that the hammers are a sign of superiority throughout the entire album and the movie. The schoolmaster at Pink's school would threaten his pupils with hammers, as said in The Trail, "...Let me hammer him today." With Pink Floyd (the character) using the double hammers as his symbol while he's in his fascist dictator mode, he is saying that he is going to cause you with more of a punishment than his school teacher would have given him if you disobey him. And yes, I agree that the march is based off of the nazi's walk.
It's basically how Roger used the Nazi swastika without actually using the Nazi swastika, quite simply.

There's also deeper symbolism bollocks, but if you want a nutshell answer, that's it.
Hammers build walls, but they can also tear them down

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