Pulse (alternate version?)
I'm trying to identify two Pink Floyd MP3s. They were labelled as "Pulse", disc 1 and 2, but they're clearly from a different show. The first MP3 starts with "Shine on You Crazy Diamond", as does Pulse, but then it goes into a completely different set. The second MP3 is the complete Dark Side of the Moon, same as Pulse, but a much BETTER performance. I'm wondering what the hell this is, because I searched Amazon and CDNOW, and I can't find any Floyd recordings with the same track list. I guess it could be a bootleg, but the sound quality is spectacular. I downloaded it from WINMX. Does anyone know what it could be?
maybe it's the mp3 of the video which had different tracks from the CD
You're right - I didn't know there was a video of Pulse, but I checked Amazon, read the reviews, and the track list conforms. I know some people say that Dark Side of the Moon was "butchered" on the Pulse CD, but I have to say, having heard both the album and the video, that the VHS version is MUCH better, in fact it's downright awesome - both the sound quality and the performance quality are vast improvements.
Yes, Dark Side... is performed pretty badly on Pulse CD Disc 2, and the sound quality is a bit weak.

I suppose they picked the best performances from the tour to use for the video, but why not use the same ones for the CD which are quite disappointing?

Pulse will be better on DVD as the physical storage medium of VHS its self tends to have poor quality sound reproduction which deteriorates slightly further each time the tape is played. DVDs, like CDs, have no such problems.

Bring on the DVDs for all the PF films! Soon!
i think the pulse cd is culled from various performances too
Listened to Pulse, Ummagumma and The Wall the other day while coding thepinkfloyd.com. Ummagumma Live Disc is a far better quality live offering from PF than Pulse. Such a shame there are only 4 (albeit 4 very long) tracks. The 4 brilliant tracks make you wish they had included another live disc in the set to make it as long as Pulse. As for The Wall - what a great album. Is There Anybody Out There (The Wall live) is another decent PF live release far superior to Pulse.
I like my Pulse - nuffin wrong with it
But seriously, you have to get Delicate Sound...
also - the first Crosby Stills & Nash album is amazing
Nice avatar, wowser. What's it supposed to be?

Can't buy anything at all until I receive all the money I'm owed from a few sources and sort out my debts, but would love to get More, the last item to complete my collection of PF's original albums. Then I might fancy getting some more live releases. Delicate Sound... is a possibility. Won't buy it unless it's noticeably better than Pulse. Would like Is There Anybody Out There. Ummagumma rules as a live album.
you shouldn't see delicate sounds as just a poorer version of pulse, cos they are very different albums. delicate sound... is the sound of dave's boys rediscover the joy of playing the pink floyd songs , where as pulse is their 'best of' - live
I don't see Delicate Sound... as a poor verson of Pulse. In fact I hope it is a lot better. I see Pulse as a rather poor Dark Side..., Division Bell, Wish You Were Here and the other few records they took tracks from.

I definitely prefer the DB tracks on the original to Pulse. The songs from The Wall are absolutely destroyed on Pulse - Hey You is the only one that is OK, Another Brick... is the worst PF I have ever heard - and Dark Side... is "butchered" as someone here rightly said on the CD version of Pulse.

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